Game 139, 2014

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Clayton Kershaw goes for win number 17 tonight against Doug Fister. Fister is 0-2 over his last three starts, but he won his first two in August. He’s 12-5 with a 2.55 ERA.

Lineup when available.

More callup news: Dodgers officially recall Carlos Frias, Miguel Rojas and Erisbel Arruebarrena. Active roster now has 33 players.

39 thoughts on “Game 139, 2014

  1. Missed the game myself (like John I am on the far side of the world right now). How did Joc look (I see he got a hit and a BB from the boxscore)?

  2. I’m a little less impressed with the offense after hearing their scoring started only because of Kersh.
    He truly understands ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.’

  3. Just tuned in, scrolled down to see the results, saw the Giants comeback win first then looked further down to get the better news

  4. OK — 3rd day in a row for going to a movie during the game.
    Tonight was “Guardians of the Galaxy” — it lived up to its reputation — I thought it was great!
    During the credits, I checked the score — 4-0 — ‘I’m loving it!’
    I didn’t consider yesterday a game for the offense, but they DID score 4, and another 4 for them today — my hat’s off to them.
    SF is doing their best to appear like a team of destiny . . . but the Dodgers DO control their own fate.
    Go, Blue!

  5. And Kenley says, OK, my fielders are going to make errors? No problem. I’ll just strike out the side and not have to worry about that.

    • Always ironic when the player in for defense makes an error.
      Glad Kenley was able to bear down.

  6. I have never seen a Dodger team that makes more dumb baserunning decisions than this one, starting with Puig and Kemp.

  7. 2B Gordon (L)
    SS Ramirez
    1B Gonzalez (L)
    RF Kemp
    LF Crawford (L)
    3B Uribe
    CF Pederson (L)
    C Ellis
    P Kershaw (L)

      • What a great idea!
        Or maybe Kenley goes back to catching (when he’s not brought in to pitch)? We don’t know how he is at the plate and several of the other Dodger hitters are definitely better at the plate than the current catching corps. (Okay, this will make warming up a little difficult, but maybe those throws back to the mound count.)

        • Perhaps Kenley could pitch and catch at the same time. He’d have to be real quick to do that, however.

          • In high school, our No. 2 pitcher was also the starting catcher. When we played a championship doubleheader, he had to start Game One because the coach figured he’d be too exhausted to pitch after catching. He won Game One, but our No. 1 starter lost Game Two. In the following week’s playoff, our No. 1 starter won Game Three.

          • It is not uncommon for the best pitcher on a high school team to also play shortstop. The pitcher-catcher combination is a bit unusual. There was a high school pitcher several years ago near where I live in Monterey County (CA) who was ambidextrous and was used both as a righty and a lefty.

      • I would guess that Justin has been the unoffical emergency catcher for the Dodgers this year.

    • Puig has looked bad at the plate for a week or more. Still, didn’t Donnie say that he wasn’t planning using the September call-ups very much?