Dodgers win, but oh you kids

The Dodgers managed to throw the ball away three times on one play in the sixth inning, allowing two runs to score. Fortunately the Dodgers had already scored eight runs by that point. With the 9-4 win (Kershaw’s 18th) they have a 3 1/2 game edge on the Giants, who were idle tonight. The D-Backs open a three-game series in AT&T Park with the Giants tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Dodgers win, but oh you kids

  1. Seems whether DM allows Kersh to finish one of his gems depends on his mood at the time.

    When you have an all-time great in the making, you can and probably should indulge him if he wants complete games. Sometimes the best thing a manager can do is nothing.

    Said Kershaw: “Donnie gave me the “It’s not best for the team speech. I don’t have a comeback for that one.”

    Once he pulled CK, would have been a good spot to see more of Y. Garcia. They already know what Baez can do. Team seems to be thinking smart and considering Baez and Frias for postseason. Garcia was ABQ’s best reliever and might be another who could help. But doesn’t appear he’ll get much chance to.

    • I’m all for Kersh showing how great he is and I hope he gets all the awards he can . . . but the game wasn’t in question and normally Kersh isn’t diving after errant throws.

      So I agree with Donnie on this if his reasoning was a stronger/fresher Kid in the postseason. Perhaps those 11 pitches or so he would’ve needed in the 9th can be put in escrow and called on if he faces another nightmare AB like that first inning in the last game last year.

      Besides, it guaranteed his ERA would lower.

      I like how Kersh quoted Donnie which, in essence, shows it’s all about the team. We all know Clayton is a team player — I’m sure he would forgo some individual glory for a World Series ring.

  2. Well, this is the team this year that hit into the odd triple play . . . and guess who was involved in THAT one?

    I’m sure Puig is pressing in all areas right now, tho these are SNAPU . . . Situation Normal, All Puiged-Up

    Thanks for the link, Link.