AL Wild Card Game, 2014

Athletics vs. Royals, 8:07PM ET, TV: TBS

The As acquired Jon Lester to pitch big games like this one. The Royals did the same with James Shields.

The As were suddenly terrible after the trading deadline in July, and they were 10-16 in September. The Royals weren’t burning up the league either, but they did manage a winning record in the last month, going 15-12.

Bleacher Report has a comprehensive look at the matchups in this game (and the Pirates-Giants game tomorrow).

18 thoughts on “AL Wild Card Game, 2014

  1. What a great game last night. I like the A’s, but have to say I was rooting for the Royals, and love that they hung in there, and pulled off the win.

  2. I guess with the DH and not having to have PHs, putting a designated runner on the 25 is not a tough call.