Game 122, 2014

Dodgers at Braves, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Hyun-Jin Ryu goes for the Dodgers. He’s 13-5 with a 3.21 ERA coming off a seven-inning two-hit performance against the Angels Thursday night. His opponent will be Ervin Santana, who’s 11-6 with a 3.69 ERA. His last outing wasn’t so scintillating: he was sailing along against the Nationals until the sixth inning when he gave up four runs, three on a dinger by Anthony Rendon (who?).

In off-the-field news, the Dodgers asked for waivers on Chone Figgins for purposes of giving him his unconditional release. They also announced that minor-league reliever Colt Hynes, who had been designated for assignment by the Dodgers, has been claimed by the Blue Jays. Lastly, the team announced that Stephen Fife will undergo Tommy John surgery today. It will be performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache.

Lineup when available.

50 thoughts on “Game 122, 2014

  1. So, Boston apparently is going to make a play for Stanton next year. However, Stanton wants to come home to LA and the Dodgers have what Miami needs–middle infielders. I like Arruebarrena but if the Dodgers could get Stanton and Ferenandez for Guerrero, Arruebarrena, and Puig plus players from both teams to make both teams happy, I would do it.

    An outfield of Stanton, Pederson, and Kemp works for me.

    I think Romak might be a better bench player than Van Slyke.

    • Romak would make a great 25th, but SVS is more a part of the rotation than a bench player.

  2. I thought (but didn’t post) at the time that Puig should have sacrificed the runners across

  3. First loss this season to Atlanta, isn’t it? 5-1, right?

    What’s been said about Ryu’s injury?

  4. Too bad.
    Cursed once loaded bases.
    Another quality pitching — offense tired after 3 good games in a row — to me, they will always be the “key to the game.”

    • Actualy unusual for us to lose a quality pitched game. Only the second time in the past 22 games.

      • Bobby Numbers!
        After arriving in yesterday’s storm, I was on the Mall enjoying today’s great weather. Manana will be even better with a Dodger victory — but great regardless, bonding with my nieces.

  5. Bases loaded failure once again. It’s unbelievable how badly they’ve done in that situation this year. They’re dead last in MLB, hitting .179 with the bases loaded, and that may be before today’s game.

    • If there’s a postseason, they can’t afford to waste such opportunities …and can’t waste them in the quest to get to playoffs!

    • That first swing against that fastball was fun if not productive. I like that Matt hit the ball hard against a wild pitcher throwing 97 mph. Matt would have been a huge hero had the ground ball found a path past an infielder.

  6. Speaking of which, Braves announcers seemed to think Ryu has fallen in love with his adopted-from-Clayton slider.

    Izzat so? Haven’t watched super close thus far.

  7. I pretty much don’t follow los Bravos unless they’re playing the Dodgers.

    So, since Fox Sports South is televising all 4 games on our system, I’m getting reminded that their broadcasters are pretty decent. Low key, fair, informative–you know they’re there, but they know the game is why people tune in, not to hear them.

    From rants I see about other broadcasters other places, los Bravos fans are fortunate.

  8. I’m impressed with Barney. I retract my comment about Ned trading for him. He is very good defensively and will save runs when he plays. And that begs the question, just how Important is batting average anyway? See the chart below. I am mandating the season as 600 at bats and 26 weeks. The chart shows the actual difference between various batting averages.

    Average Season Total Hits Hits Per Game Hits Per Week
    .220 132 0.81 5.05
    .240 144 0.89 5.55
    .260 156 0.98 6.11
    .280 168 1.04 6.48
    .300 180 1.11 6.92

    So, less than TWO hits per WEEK difference between a great fielding .220 hitter and a stone gloved .300 hitter. I’m sure defence can make up that 2 hit difference in runs saved…