Game 119, 2014

Dodgers at Brewers, 11:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, TBS

Clayton Kershaw v. Jimmy Nelson. It looks like a mismatch, but “that’s why they play the games.” The veteran Kershaw is 13-2 with a 1.82 ERA, while the rookie Nelson is 2-2 with a 4.20 ERA. The kid has had three straight quality starts, though.

In personnel news, Hanley Ramirez is probably headed for the DL with an oblique injury. The Dodgers acquired RHP Kevin Correia from the Twins for a player to be named later or cash. Correia is 5-13 with a 4.94 ERA this season for the Twins, who are in last place in the AL Central. He was once an All-Star who went to the game in 2011 while with the Pirates. He’s 74-91 with a 4.53 ERA in his twelve-year career.

As expected, the Dodgers placed SS Hanley Ramirez on 15-day disabled list with a right oblique strain and recalled INF Darwin Barney from Albuquerque.

Lineup when available.

53 thoughts on “Game 119, 2014

  1. I am pleased with the rotation realignment, in the sense that my first DS game in 20 years will be Kershaw’s 15th victory next Saturday night.

    • Awesome — happy for you!
      I’ve seen Ryu several times and Zack once but haven’t had the chance to see Kersh . . . hope you’re a good luck charm for him! (Not that he needs luck — just run support.)

      • We’re driving down from Oakland Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday. A visit to friends (one of whom is a big Dodger fan) and will also meet up at game with a former DT’er who’s spent quite a bit of time in Buenos Aires.

        Since that last game in DS, I’ve seen the Dodgers in Denver (Mile High and Coors), Oakland and SF (Candlestick and The Phone Booth).

        • I find it rather unfortunate that the ex-DT’er who spent a lot of time in BA is not me.

          • But, I can count my lucky stars that I have seen the Kid pitch 5 times. (all victories except in 2008.

          • Actually, my experience doesn’t seem that much out of the ordinary (if you look at the numbers – and you know how I love to do that-BobbyV). The Kid has lost 20% of the games that I haver seen him pitch. Overall, he has pitched in 203 games (a couple in relief) and has lost 48, which is about 23%.

          • Had to smile with the reference to #s.
            Okay, lucky only in being able to see him!
            When I bought tix to the playoffs last year, I was only able to go to “1st home game.” I knew that meant I’d see Kershaw, but only if LA had the better record. They didn’t.

    • The Big Island got hit fairly hard down at the southern tip in the Puna district, and there was a ton of rain over there all along the eastern coast, but the rest of the islands just got rain and some strong wind. I now have a bunch of jugs of water to pour out. You can see the preparation and the storm tracks here.

      There’s a waterfall called Rainbow Falls right outside Hilo on the east side of the Big Island (Hawai’i) which is normally nice and placid. Here’s video of it right after the storm passed over the island.

    • I would like to think so. I wouldn’t want him anywhere close to the regular starting rotation or the post-season roster.

  2. Even when he is not at his best, Kershaw remains one of the best pitchers in baseball. We have gotten a bit spoiled by his performances. When he is at his best, he is the best pitcher in baseball.

    • No doubt — his previous start was a “quality” game and desired by many pitchers, I’m sure — but I looked at it as a disappointment for him.

      Great to see that that favorite of mine as a kid comes true for Dodgers again: “The Kid Comes Back.”

    • Wow!
      Imagine what the lead would be if the Dodgers (hitters, primarily) were clicking!

    • Mo & Kennedy had a good observation: Kersh started the game with an ERA of about 1.8, gave up a run in the first inning, and STILL lowers the ERA!
      Plus, look at his contributions at the plate!

    • Agreed. It was nice to see him get a hit, much better that it was a homer, his first of the season. He’s now batting .189.

  3. To go with what you said before, RBI, Kersh gets a hit with a RISP — leading the way in all directions for the Dodgers!

    • Feels like the beginning of last year — the team carried on Adrian’s shoulders.
      Apparently, if not for him, they’re not on the board today.

    • We’re with you all the way. Nice not to be disappointed after those first two games of this series.

  4. Reflecting on our inability to get a hit in key situations, sometimes I wonder why we even both the load the bases.

  5. Announcer on TBS (I think it was Ron Darling) said the Dodgers don’t lose that much on offense with Ethier in the lineup today instead of Puig.

  6. Atypical Kersh with the walk– and it hurt. Hopefully atypical offense — one that scores!

  7. Folks who see the team regularly…is Hanley a smart, patient hitter at times, or pretty much just a free swinger?

    I don’t see the team much but have thought for a while that if Hanley (and maybe others) were as smart at the plate as AGon, the team would be a lot better.

    • I wouldn’t call him patient, but neither is he a hacker. Nevertheless, he seems to get behind in the count consistently.

  8. Saw something saying the team has tried to put Hanley on the DL several times this season but he has REFUSED. How can a player refuse a team medical decision, or any personnel decision?

    Can this be correct?

  9. Kevin Correia? Leads the AL in losses with 13 (Dickey is next with 11) and has the worst ERA among qualifiers at 4.94.