Game 110, 2014

Cubs at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Dan Haren tries to right the ship and forget July, for good reason. Last month he posted a 9.47 ERA and a .329 batting average against and unsurprisingly lost all four starts he made. He’ll face Mission Viejo native Kyle Hendricks, who’s started three games for the Cubbies this season. He’s 1-1 with a 2.33 ERA over 19 1/3 innings, walking 6 while striking out 14.


27 thoughts on “Game 110, 2014

  1. Maholm seems likely to be done for the year. Under normal circumstances, I’d say he’s replaceable but Ned missed the deadline for picking up any decent help. It’ll be a lot more difficult to do so in August.

  2. Haren & Perez aside (and perhaps that’s where they should be), the bats have only brought in 7 runs the last 3 games. The will only cut it if Zack or Kersh were pitching . . . which is what happened for two of those games.

  3. Ned is going to have to be creative. We are in the early stages of 20 games in a row with questionable 4-5 and Mahon hobbled. I recall last year at this same time going into Chicago for a four game series with Nolasco, Ryu, Capuano and Fife starting. We actually swept that series giving up 6 runs and scoring 16.

  4. By all accounts AJ Ellis is a nice man and a funny man but he is no longer a Major League Catcher. His hitting is totally unacceptable and his defense has sunk to the same level. It is embarrassing him and the team. Time and past time to make a change. I never thought I would say this but even Fedex would be an improvement…

  5. Okay, that play at home was almost worth the entire game. Puig is just amazing. I think he totally psyched out their catcher on that play. Can’t wait for you guys to see the replay.

  6. As Vinny keeps reminding us, this feels almost inevitable. But it has far more to do with Haren than anything else. Poor guy. He just can’t pitch a lick right now.

    • He must dread that distinctive crack-of-the-bat sound. I bet he hears it in his sleep and flinches.

  7. Well nuts, even Vin is repeating the money bags thing about three Fridays, three Saturdays, and three Sundays only occurring every 800 Augusts. Before this year, it happened in 2008, 2003, 1997, and every 7th year throughout history. Isn’t there anyone with critical thinking capacity in the broadcast team? (Sorry for the rant.)

    • Only if the bats don’t come alive. Methinks it will take more than 2 runs to win tonight.