Heh. Youth will be served.

Addendum (from SI.com)

If anyone wants to discuss the Home Run Derby, Chris Berman’s volubility or Minneapolis’s weather, this seems like a good spot. The Derby has a new format this year, so study up.

28 thoughts on “Puig!

  1. The Phillies are/are not rumored to be willing to talk trade on Cole Hamels. Do you think they’d take Crawford and $40MM AND a prospect pitcher? Could the deal be expanded to include Rollins? He could give us some needed infield help. I’m not pushing this, just trying to get some discussion started so people don’t think the blog has gone ‘belly-up’.

    • If they are rebuilding, taking on Crawford (almost no matter how cheaply) wouldn’t make much sense, so it would have to be a high level pitching prospect (Lee?) with him as a throw in.

    • I definitely think that the Dodgers should try to obtain a frontline starting pitcher as Beckett and Haren seem to be questionable. Perhaps the Dodgers can use Kemp or Crawford and some prospects to get one? Maybe they can get a Chris Sale or another A.L starter?

    • When I was at DS last Sunday, I was surprised to see vendors offering 1/2 off on adult t-shirts for Kemp and Ethier . . . do they know something (other than the shirts apparently aren’t moving well)?

      • I’m not that fussed if either of them get traded for someone (or more than 1) decent and worthwhile in return

      • They must be desperate, taking only 500% profit instead of their usual thousand…

  2. Hi Everybody,
    I hope this is not a repost. I am sorry if it is. I have a question that I have not seen but perhaps you all have discussed it in the past. If the Dodgers or any other team have a prospect that is major league ready. (Not maybe ready) are they actually losing money by storing this prospect in the minors? Would they be better off trading him for a proven star like David Price instead of him wasting away in the minors? Would his value be better getting traded?

    • Losing money, I doubt it. The Dodgers needn’t pay Joc Pederson much while he’s in the minors, but if they call him up the clock starts ticking on arbitration, which could cost them more. Even then, he’s very affordable by by any reasonable standard, for quit a few years.

      • Did you know that Joc has a higher K rate (K/AB) in Albuquerque than Trayvon had when he was traded? 35% – 33%.

        • He also has a high walk rate, though, and is highly ranked by scouts and other evaluators outside the Dodgers system.

        • And remember the dismay when the Dodgers traded Trayvon? Then he played 40+ games in each of two seasons for the Mariners, hit about .215 with a -0.2 WAR, and was traded to the Os and became a free agent last winter. Then the Dodgers signed him.

          Joaquin Andujar was right: “My favorite word in English is ‘youneverknow.'”

    • Interesting angle. Don’t know enough about other teams, but probably not a consideration for a team like the Dodgers.

  3. As usual, the ASG was a farce. I can remember when it was worth watching, but that was at least 20 years ago.

  4. Dodgers in the ASG are representative of the year so far: strong starting pitching, MIA offense.

      • I didn’t hear when he went in as a runner and his nice defensive play came after I wrote that. Their turnaround on defense IS impressive. (I just finished saying that at Sunday’s game when Adrian dropped the throw.)

  5. Between the HR Derby and his first AB, looks like the excitement and scene may be getting the best of Puig.

  6. I saw the cut when I was at the game — since I only listen to the games, I wasn’t sure how recent the ‘do was.

    Well, in person was a lot like listening to the games — frustrating. But enjoyable because of the community. (I couldn’t get you guys on my phone — which only recedntly became smart — because I didn’t have Link’s address in there.) Had a nice conversation with two fans siting near me.

    So the game was similar to others this year: had community . . . great starting pitching . . . anemic offense (until Puig! . . . I thought for sure they were going to put on a play when it was 1st & 3rd, one out) . . . scary bullpen . . . but a win.

    Post-Break schedule starts tough, but if the Blue can start getting some timely hitting, they could live up to our expectations!

    • Bob, you should have held off for a game other than the Padres since we get their TV games on Cox 96. 🙂
      Hope you had a blast, won’t be making my road trip until the Cubs come into LA in August.

      • Thanks for the heads up, Dale. I’m one of those few people who don’t have cable . . . if I did, I wouldn’t get ANYthing done!

        This trip worked out great for me, tho — saw my parents in SD, then came north for Dodgers and Disneyland. (But I was disheartened to see that the I-5 northbound traffic was just as bad Sunday midday as a weekday late afternoon . . . makes me complain less about Vegas traffic — at least for a day or two!)

  7. You know, that looks a lot like the Dallas Cowboys’ star, too. I hope the young man hasn’t picked them as his NFL rooting interest.

    • Unfortunately, I did.

      In my defense, that was 40 years ago, when they were the class of the league, with Landry and Staubach (and when they HAD a defense and no one outside his family had heard of Jerry Jones).

  8. The Dodgers, at 53-43, have the best winning percentage in the National League.

    • And they haven’t played up to what we consider their capability! If they can get hitting on all 8 cylinders, they should walk away from the pack the rest of the season…

      • I agree with not exceeding expectations . . . apparently Tim Wallach said the same thing after Sunday’s game.

        As for your prognostication, from your keyboard . . .