Game 92, 2014

News of the day: the Dodgers have placed Josh Beckett on the 15-day DL. By doing it now he may only miss one start. Pedro Baez has been called up from the Isotopes to fill Beckett’s roster spot.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies may ask for a trade to a contender, but not until after this season is done. Rosenthal thinks there’s no way Colorado’s GM would trade him within the division, so even though the Dodgers would love to replace the older and often-banged up Hanley Ramirez, it seems unlikely to him.

Dodgers at Tigers, 4:08PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Hyun-Jin Ryu (9-4, 3.08 ERA) will pitch for the Dodgers. The Tigers send out Justin Verlander, who’s having a very un-Verlander-like season: 7-7 with a 4.71 ERA. Given this: “Verlander is 22-2 with a 2.56 ERA in his career against National League teams,” one hopes his poor luck this year continues for today.

44 thoughts on “Game 92, 2014

  1. Was a bit relieved after clicking this at…

    “Yasiel Puig’s fantastic outfield assist gets overturned, gives Mutombo finger wave”

    To find out WHICH finger Puig waved. Really didn’t think he’d wave the one I was concerned about. But then Puig is nothing if not a source of surprises.

    He probably did feel like waving the concerning finger at those who overturned the call after such a great play.

  2. No wonder Mattingly got ejected, the called strike almost bounced before it crossed the plate

  3. Despite this debacle we can take heart in the fact that the Gnats are still useless

  4. Verlander at 81 pitches after 5. They don’t appear to have a lights out pen (Pot calling…).

  5. Checked in while working – 5-0. Smiles to self. Checked in again now: 11-5? Wonders what the heck happened.

  6. While we have a 22-23 home record, the Tigers are only 23-22 themselves.

  7. Including the first inning tonight, we have now had four five-run innings on this road trip. It looks like we will need at least one more in this game.

    • Unfortunately, the record is 2-2 . . . the onus is off the offense.

  8. Saw a bunch of singles v Ryu. Are they flares and such or is he getting hit solidly?

    • Both. Line drives, a couple of flares in front of Kemp and Ethier, one off the wall that Puig picked and nearly threw out Tori Hunter at 2nd.

  9. Rojas was out of position at second base when he received Puig’s throw and then failed to apply the tag properly. He should have put the glove down in front of the lead leg and let Hunter slide into his glove. Lack of fundamentals.

    • If he did that, it could have changed the whole complexion of the game (no one on and 1 out rather than………well, you know what happened)

  10. No Dodger pitcher in the lineup tonight because of the DH. However, in July, Dodger pitchers are 7-for-15 for a batting average of .467 and are slugging .733. Ryu is 2-for-2, Beckett is 3-for-5, Kershaw is 2-for-4, Haren is 0-for-1 and Greinke is 0-for-3. Beckett has three doubles and Ryu has one.

  11. Hard to disagree that Hanley is older than Tulo (by a year) and often injured, but the same label can be placed on Tulo. Since becoming a starter Hanley has averaged 136 games a season. Tulo only 120 and hasn’t played in more than 140 games since 2011. Both have play about the same number of games this season.

  12. Let’s keep the hits coming . . . and give the Dodgers a trio of 10-game winners!