Game 88, 2014

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

The Dodgers send Ace 1B out today as Zack Greinke takes the hill with a 10-4 record and 2.78 ERA. The Rockies pitch former bullpen denizen Franklin Morales, who’s 4-4 on the season with a 5.75 ERA. He’s starting because the Rockies’ rotation has been hit with injuries.

The Dodgers have improved their record at home: they went 13-19 in their first 32 home games through June 4, and they’ve gone 9-4 in their last 13.

Via Twitter, the Dodgers have recalled Erisbel Arruebarrena and optioned Carlos Triunfel back to Albuquerque. They’re still mulling what to do with Hanley Ramirez and his sore shoulder and leg.

Today’s the last day of All-Star Game voting. Have you pushed the button for Puig yet?

58 thoughts on “Game 88, 2014

  1. Whew!….I like how DM allowed Greinke to pitch his way out of further trouble in the 8th and pick up his 11th win….And a Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

    • Me too — agreeing with Donnie’s move.
      You too, Scoop — with your wish.

      • I remember when virtually everybody played day doubleheaders on July 4th — two games for the price of one — and also on Memorial Day and Labor Day. Barbecuing and listening to a lot of baseball: fond memories of growing up.

  2. YES!
    Wasn’t sure with Mo’s call just how serious the hit was, but 3rd out!
    I am impressed they came back . . .Uribear!
    Zack’s stop-the-losing magic strikes again!

  3. Finally home from work. Tight game tonight! First place only 3 outs away.

  4. Dang.
    Tough when you know you’re not going to get any run support, so you have to be perfect.
    And you’re in Coors Field.

  5. Anemic offense.
    Scary bullpen.
    Coors Field.
    Does Zack fight to stay in?

  6. Gameday watchers: if you look at the line score at the bottom of the page, you see the usual “R” “H” “E” columns, but then there’s a vertical line and a column labeled “C.” I’m pulling a blank. What’s the “C” stand for?

  7. Apparently you can play your way from MLB to AAA in one game. See Triunfel, Carlos, last night.

  8. Mentioned last thread I’d noticed Brett Tomko at Colorado Springs, supposedly making progress toward joining the Rockies.

    Bombko pitching regularly at Coors. What could go wrong with that? Can’t get the horror out of my mind. Kind of like Titanic among the icebergs.

    • Don’t be so sure. Management seems clueless as to what they’re doing with him.

      • Maybe they are testing him in a game situation, if he can’t last the game, then the decision is made for them

        • They woulda done better just to DL two weeks ago, and he’d probably be close to 100 percent today. What they’ve done is foolish.

          • I tend to agree with what foultip said last post, if in any doubt, shut him down until after the break

  9. Gnice of the Gnats to do the Dodgers a favor going into tognight’s game.