Game 107, 2014

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Josh Beckett goes back to the hill for the Dodgers, hoping his hip impingement has healed up and he can get back to the form which has him at 6-5 with a 2.52 ERA on the year. Getting back to the way he was the day he pitched his no-hitter is probably too much to ask for.

Beckett will face old friend Aaron Harang, who has been a savior for the Braves this season. He was signed only a week before the season started, and he’s got a 9-6 record with a 3.31 ERA, with 18 quality starts in 21 tries. In 16 of those starts he’s allowed two earned runs or fewer.

Lineup when available.

99 thoughts on “Game 107, 2014

  1. Commented here yesterday how well Scott Elbert was rehabbing and dominating over his last several outings at ABQ, expecting the team to activate and call him up.

    So what did they do? DFA. They must have seen something really bad that didn’t show up in those numbers.

    He had a 4.25 or so ERA over his rehab at all levels, getting better the more he pitched, especially at AAA. Surely they didn’t look at just ERA.

    As a former star lefty reliever, he should be in demand. Hard to see how he wouldn’t be better than Maholm.

    Hope this doesn’t prove to be a screwup. Maybe they’re hoping he clears waivers–not likely–and then they can keep him at ABQ a while, tho it’s hard to see why.

    • Ya beat me to it! . . . won 4 games in a row, including coming from behind, AND 3 GA.
      But The Return of Vin is the best news!

  2. Just checked in since they tied it up . . . deja Blue! These last four games have taken me back a year . . . and pleasantly so!

  3. At about the same moment that Kemp homered, the Pirates closed out the Giants, 3-1. The Giants have now lost six in a row; they’ve scored a total of six runs in those games.

  4. I think Puig in right field would have caught that, but then I expect Puig to catch most everything.

  5. The recent performances of Beckett and Haren will likely force Ned’s hand. I hope that we don’t give up too much and that any deal doesn’t include an apparently revitalized Kemp.

  6. If Kemp and Crawford are doing better because of the trade deadline, no one tell them when it passes!

  7. Regardless of the outcome, is this the first time LA has scored at least four runs in as many consecutive games?

    • They have done it three times this year, and did it once five games in a row.

    • Twice coming from behind — don’t think they used to do that often this year, even in the earlier innings.

    • I was surprised they stayed with him as long as they did.
      Coming off an off day, and having had Kershaw go a full 9…
      The pen is rested…

      • PS – I”m really hoping that Jamie “Wright” is not Jamie “Wrong” tonight…

      • I think they are very interested in how he might perform, so willing to keep him out there a bit longer than usual.

  8. I only have a minute here….. watching the baby…..

    However, simply put: This is a fun season to watch !!!
    I hope all you guys are well… 🙂

    • Offense is not cashing in like in SF.
      Unfortunately, “there’s no place like home” isn’t necessarily a good thing for LA this year . . . at least so far.

  9. As an Eastcoaster, I often last less than Beckett when he pitches in on the West Coast.

  10. Hanley really showing his limitations fielding at short tonight. Wonder when he will understand that he is embarrasing himself and not helping the team.

  11. the HR looked like a Kemp Hr of old where he hacks a slow, low pitch and it still reaches the fences

  12. Nice to take the lead, but I hate it when we have someone on third with less than 2 outs and don’t score

      • I guess so, you can’t always have Gordon on third scampering home every time 🙂

  13. I wasn’t listening, either — and still not — did Vin acknowledge the crowd’s response?

  14. I hope the video is up at soon. They had Hyun-Jin Ryu announce Vinnie would be back next year — in Korean — so no one but Korean speakers knew what he said. Then they had Yasiel Puig announce it in Spanish so if you didn’t know Spanish you were out of luck. Then they had Justin Turner say it in English. All of this in a press conference format live on the big Jumbotron in center field.

  15. Now that has been a long time coming (Matty jacks one!) Low curveball to the opposite field – good sign.

    • 2nd best way — just learned from you guys . . . yea!
      Sure hope there’s video of that . . . definitely a highlight of the game, no matter what the score.

    • I was hoping Josh hadn’t been sitting anywhere near Haren lately . . . Haren-itis would’ve been disastrous!

  16. I am concerned that Beckett won’t regain his form because of his hip woes and that we are more likely to get more of what we saw when he faced the Pirates last week. If I am right, the need for another starting pitcher would be greater than ever.

  17. On the sports section of their homepage, had this at 12:17pm PDT: “Giants make big trade with Red Sox.” Uh-oh — how bad is this?

    Then I went to the story — it’s the “breaking news” about Jake Peavy . Whew.

    Dodgers going for 2014 history tonight — go, Blue!

      • Absolutely . . . but I figured spelling it out is a Rule 9-type violation . . . since there have been more of the Rule 9 subjects this year for the Dodgers than there have been streaks as you described. 🙂