One more on Tony Gwynn

The San Diego State University held a memorial service for Gwynn at the Student Union on campus today. There were a lot of current and retired big leaguers there (Adrian Gonzalez attended from the Dodgers, although probably representing himself as an ex-Padre more than the team), and many of them were pretty teary.

Who was there? Trevor Hoffman. John Kruk. Garry Templeton. Dave Winfield. Ozzie Smith. Rod Carew. Cal Ripken Jr. Steve Finley. Joe Carter. Jerry Royster. Bip Roberts. Padres TV analyst Mark Grant. Padres coaches Bobby Tolan and Rob Picciolo. Barry Bonds. Tony Clark. Bud Black. And more.

3 thoughts on “One more on Tony Gwynn

  1. Saw where DM said he planned to use Maholm more to ease the burden on Howell as the pen’s only lefty.

    Aargh. There’s an idea whose time should not come.

    Please hurry back, Scott Elbert. He looked good last night.