Game 84, 2014

Cardinals at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Clayton Kershaw brings his 21 1/3 straight scoreless innings streak to the game along with his 8-2 W-L record and his 2.24 ERA. The Cardinals counter with Shelby Miller, who is 7-6 with a 3.75 ERA on the year. Miller left his last start after 2 2/3 innings with back stiffness, however, so the Cardinals are hoping he can go deeper but keeping their bullpen ready.

Of interest: The Dodgers have played nine straight games without committing an error, their best defensive stretch of the season.

36 thoughts on “Game 84, 2014

  1. So Homer Bailey took a no-hitter into the 7th, which would have been his third, and what struck me is how in the world does Jeff Samardzija think he deserves a larger contract than Bailey?

    • I’d take Jeff over Homer as the better pitcher, though no-nos put more fannies in the seats.

  2. If the Gnats go 30-50 the rest of the way, they will match their 2013 record. Sounds achievable to me.

  3. Espn scoreboard now has our playoff chances percentage at 82.4 compared to the Gnats at 63.9 (mind you, I could have been the same people who a few weeks ago ran a story saying the race for the West was already done)

  4. Ned Yost earlier this week said Kershaw’s slider was the best his team had seen all year. “That thing had teeth, with a bite.”

    Gameday allows as to how several Cardinals got bit by it today. Word is, there’s no known vaccine nor antidote.

  5. After Yogi Berra watched Sandy Koufax decimate his Yankees in the WS following Sandy’s 25-5 year, he said: “I understand how he won the 25. What I don’t understand is how he lost the 5.”

    Fast forward to today: I’ve just now checked in. But I understand how Kershaw struck out the 13 over 7 IP. What I don’t understand is how he gave up even the 5 hits.

  6. I guess it will be Homer pitching, as they had him batting in the top of the ninth.

  7. Steiner & Mo following Link’s note of how well the defense is doing.
    Glad to see the results after Donnie chewed them out.

  8. What a great day at the ballpark!
    I saw it was 2-0 and laid down for a much-needed rest (yes, staying up to learn about the Reds’ victory cost me!), then heard it was *6*-0! (With all four scored with 2 out!)

    Maybe I should Rip Van Winkle the rest of the season!