Game 83, 2014

Cardinals at Dodgers, 4:15PM PT, TV: Fox

Zack Greinke (9-4, 2.89 ERA) and Lance Lynn (8-4, 2.90 ERA) are two of the league’s leading righthanders. They face off against one another this afternoon on national television. Lynn last pitched against the Rockies and gave up three hits and no runs in 8 innings. Greinke is coming off what might be his worst outing of the year, giving up five runs and eleven hits to the Royals in 5 2/3 innings.

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58 thoughts on “Game 83, 2014

  1. Reds win (SF had to bat the pitcher with no other hitters)!
    Dodgers 1 GB??!!!
    I’m tempted to say “inconceivable” . . . but I know what the replies would be. 🙂

    NOW I can sleep . . .

  2. “Chapman simply cannot throw a strike” the Cincy announcer said — is he auditioning for the LA ‘pen?

    • and they still couldn’t win, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team

  3. Chapman has two runners on, none out in the bottom of the 9th and a one-run lead . . . go, Cincy!

  4. Gurnick is talking hamstring strain for Turner, “tight calf” for HanRam. Aaarrghhh…

    “The injury epidemic even hit the guy waving in all those runners as third-base coach Lorenzo Bundy strained a right calf muscle, but remained at his post after receiving treatment in the dugout.”

  5. From Gurnick’s game story, IMO highy relevant to how well Dodger starters have done lately:

    “Dodgers starting pitchers have walked two or fewer batters in 32 consecutive games, the longest NL run since 1914.”

    • The flip side — which proves your point — is the bullpen’s walk record . . . tonight’s 9th inning a case in point.

  6. I’m listening to a Vegas postgame show and one guy (who usually goes on crazy rants) was ranting about putting Perez in and why didn’t Donnie keep Maholm in.

    Actually, I was thinking Donnie handled it well — if they’re on the team, he has to be able to count on them, so why not test them in a situation which shouldn’t hurt the team? It saves the arms of others and possibly gives confidence to the one coming in.

    That said, I am NOT impressed with Perez at all and cringe when he’s in.

    • That’s a real stretch, who the manager puts in for the ninth in a 9-1 ballgame!? This guy must be some kinda ranter. Does he rant when the sun comes up in the morning?

    • Thought I saw DM kinda looking away during Perez’s inning, the way people do when they see something they don’t like.. And he and Honey were talking that inning. Neither looked happy. Nor should they have.

      A good case can be made that Perez should be somewhere other than on the Dodgers.

      • He is the leader in the NL in inherited runners stranded at 91%, minimum 20 and excluding LOOGYs, but setup guys usually don’t have the stats (saves) that people measure for ASG worthiness.

  7. Winning at home . . . winning vs. winning teams . . . “supporting players” standing out . . . let’s go, Blue!

  8. At 1.5 GB pending giant result,we are the closest we have been since May 3 when Puig had his blast in Miami.

  9. Not following super closely since the big inning. But St. L has booted the ball all over the park most of the game but has only 2 errors. For those watching closer, isn’t that kind of generous official scoring?

    • At home, plus with Dodger speed the scorer takes into account the need to rush execution.

  10. May actually get around to looking it up, but seems Zack has allowed more HR than you’d think for a pitcher of his caliber. While I’m in the “seems” business, seems kinda like that for Beckett too.

    Course, lately Beckett hasn’t allowed much of anything.

    • Wainwright at 0.3, Clayton 0.5, Ryu 0.6, whereas Greinke 1.0, Beckett 1.1 and Haren 1.5 per 9.

      • Lately seems like Haren should be about 3.0 because he’s been giving up at least a couple every time out.

    • Issue coming into 2B on his double. Announcers mentioned cramps but no official word that I know of. He walked off and didn’t look bad.

      • He has turned into one of the pleasurable surprises of the year — hope he can keep playing!

  11. Someone new to the game, after watching the Cards field that half inning and being told this team was the defending league champ, would think it was a joke.

    • He talks about a goal of fewer walks than starts in a season. He currently has 22 walks in 16 starts. Right now, Kershaw has 9 walks in 11 starts.

      I wish him success, except against the Dodgers. 😉