Game 73, 2014

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

It’s the Rockies’ Jhoulys Chacin (1-4, 4.53 ERA) against the Dodgers’ Zack Greinke (8-3, 2.65 ERA). They faced one another on June 7 and neither got the decision, as the game went into extra innings and Brandon Barnes hit a walk-off triple in the 10th.

Chad Billingsley is going to have a second surgery, this one to repair his flexor tendon. “The flexor tendon runs alongside the ulnar collateral ligament that tore and was transplanted last year in a Tommy John procedure. If the flexor tendon tears further after an injection and rehab, it could compromise the repaired ligament,” so he decided on surgery rather than stem-cell injection and therapy. He should be ready for spring training next season.

61 thoughts on “Game 73, 2014

  1. Per Mark Saxon at ESPN, speaking of Hanley, “X-rays showed his ring finger was bruised, not broken.”
    I saw the replay and that ball was blistered. He’s lucky he didn’t break that finger.

  2. A Rockie outing for Kenley, but I’ll take it. Five out now. We’ve gained 4 1/2 games on the Giants in nine days. See you all tomorrow.

  3. If this lead doesn’t hold, Zack is going to insist on going the distance next time.

    • So much for wishful thinking . . . seems that ain’t gonna happen much with this bullpen.

    • Given how Kenley has frequently pitched of late, I appreciate the two-run lead.

  4. Hey guys.. and gal! …. 🙂

    Just checkin’ in … off to bed.
    Things sure get busy with 2-yr. old in the evenings. Hard to blog.
    But, watching the games… for sure.

    “What’s that???” … I’ll ask.
    “It’s Dodger Baseball”… my daughter will say.
    She doesn’t know wins or losses… just enjoys watching the players and listening to
    the excitement of the crowd.
    Have a great night guys.

  5. If Matt has regains his stroke, this team’s chances would improve immeasurably….On another note, I wonder if Ethier is going for the caught stealing cycle (not that there is one).

    • Neither one was really an attempt to steal – the first was on a short passed ball, the second a broken hit-and-run.

    • He has an OPS of 1.178 since the start of the last road trip against the Rox. While slugging at .667, he has only one homerun. Back in the day, you could tell he was getting the dinger stroke back when he started hitting them to right center.

  6. Dancing and bubbles in the dugout as Hanley circles the bases, it sure looks like a happier place to be around

  7. I don’t understand how Either was out on runners fielders choice, is it like caught stealing?

  8. Zack’s missing the plate alot. I’m here, and he’s not looking like his usual sharp self.

  9. I know I’m probably alone in this thought, but I hope the team and Billz can find a middle ground and he comes back in Blue.

    • Definitely with you. Before he got injured, he was showing signs of fulfilling the promise he had.

  10. I know average isn’t everything, but Grienke really needs to be on his game, as I just noticed that 7 of the Rockies starters are currently batting over .300 (including Chacin)