Game 66, 2014

Dodgers at Reds, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Josh Beckett (3-3, 2.57 ERA) goes for the Dodgers against Mike Leake (3-5, 3.29 ERA) of the Reds. In five career appearances (four starts) against the Dodgers, he is 2-2 with a 4.80 ERA. Another thing: in the last eight games the two teams have played, each team has won four. Six have been one-run affairs.

Bob Welch, who won 211 games in the major leagues for the Dodgers and As, died yesterday. He was only 57. Here’s Jon Weisman’s appreciation of the former pitcher.

Gordon and Puig are both in the lineup, so hopefully their respective hips are fully recovered.

45 thoughts on “Game 66, 2014

  1. Clayton Kershaw on A.J. Ellis: “Who could have thought his vertical
    jump was high enough to hurt his ankle on that catcher’s mask?”

    — Jon Weisman

  2. recap reveals Beckett was visibly tiring and beginning to get the ball up according to DM, so apparently there were good reasons to take him out (despite having a 2-hit shutout going). Story says Beckett was OK with it.

    So, all right then….but would have been nice if the pen was in control like he was. Which of the 4 relievers only Wright seemed to be.
    In his last four starts Beckett has 24 strikeouts, seven walks and a 1.38 ERA, says TBLA.

  3. What’s the name of that country song…”I Shaved My Legs For THIS?”

    DM took Beckett out for THIS?

    • Perez has been in the “unimpressive” list for me . . . but then, so has most of the bullpen.

  4. Think I’d have eyes tonight except for the delay. Channel (Fox Sports Ohio) that carries a lot of Reds games and had this one scheduled switched to wrestling.

    And then didn’t switch back once the game began…….Hmm……wrestling, huh? Maybe body slam whoever made that decision? Or toss him over the top rope into the crowd.

  5. Any actual reason to take Beckett out, or just the “formula”? Doubt he asked out in the 7th of a two-hit, one-walk shutout..

    • At 90 pitches he probably could have gone one more, but I think DM liked the score and wanted to give the pen some work, with lefties Bruce and Skippy due up. (Argh!)

  6. I noticed Puig really grimaced in pain on the way home, i hope he is OK

  7. For those with eyes, is “#5 starter” Beckett as dominant tonight as it appears?

    • Doing quite well, though Reds have a team OPS+ of 84. (i.e., these are not your father’s Red Machine)

      • Only two balls hit hard and no walks, but he is a six inning pitcher normally because of pitch count

        • 90 after 6 tonight and apparently no trouble. Probably good for one more on a short leash.

          Unless he stays strong and DM lets him go for the shutout.

    • at 137 he has the best ERA+ among the starters, even better than Greinke.

  8. Last night the Reds announcers were saying that the call at first is the most frequent challenge. IIRC, they said that something like 57% are overturned (95) plays. One of the fellows thought that was a lot. The other said that since the team has a chance to review whether to challenge based on a replay, that it was actually a low percentage.

    • in cricket, they can only make a decision to review on the field (either the batters or the fielding captain), they have a limited amount of time and they can’t look at any video replays

  9. a quiet first innings (certainly compared to the run fest after 1 in Colorado)

  10. The game is in a delay: from the Dodgers’ Twitter stream: “The start of tonight’s game at Cincinnati will be delayed. We’ll have an update on the game status after 4:30 p.m. PT.”

    More on Welch: he made an appearance in Roger Angell’s column and later in his book “Five Seasons” when Angell was traveling with a scout named Ray Scarborough to see Bob Owchinko pitch the first game of a doubleheader for Eastern Michigan U; Welch pitched the second game. Jay Jaffe wrote a remembrance as well.