Game 64, 2014

Dodgers at Rockies, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Kershaw v. Jorge De La Rosa. Clayton has a career 5-3 record at Coors Field, but that’s with a 5.24 ERA. De La Rosa is a lefty, and the Dodgers have had trouble with guys who throw from that side all year (207/.338/.282 slash line).

No Gordon (hip), no Puig (hip), no Ethier (see: lefthanded starter), no Turner (unknown). This is a makeshift lineup indeed!

14 thoughts on “Game 64, 2014

  1. Yep, game called. Dodgers win (yay!) Giants also win (boo!) Dodgers still 9 1/2 games behind the Giants. That’s hard to believe, since the Dodgers are 2 games above .500. It’s not like they’ve been on long losing streaks while the Giants have been reeling off win after win.

  2. The player in our starting lineup today with the highest 2014 batting average was Kershaw, at .267.

  3. You know who we could afford to trade, and NOT have to pay his salary? Agon. Lord knows he’s not helping us this year but his reputation guarantees that he would have a ready market. Solve our outfield glut by putting Kemp, Crawford, or Ethier at first base. Anybody can play first. Bring up Pederson to complete the outfield. Works for me.

    • Glut in outfield seems to fix itself through injuries. SVS platooning at 1st appeals to me.

  4. Kemp returns to c.f. in Cincinnati today where he ran full speed into fence that started his miseries in August 2012.

    • LineUp has him in left field. Personally I can’t imagine SLV being a better CF than Kemp. Ethier either. (Great sentence) Kemp isn’t great but he’s better than the others. Bring up Guerrero (?) and put Gordon in center. I think he would be great out there.

  5. Another Sunday without a baseball game to watch… If you don’t mind, I will ruminate about the broadcast debacle we are suffering through by illuminating the the various groups and indicating (in my opinion, at least) where the blame is to be cast and our venom directed.

    The Dodgers: No fault. The players want to be televised because they have egos and their salary levels are driven to a large degree by publicity. The club ownership wants to be televised because it hypes attendance and generates beau coup money in souvineer sales. They have already fixed their television income ($8 Billion!!!), how much Joe Blow pays to watch the game is meaningless to them.

    SportNet LA: They are sort of a shell corporation that TW Cable uses as an opersting system to get the game to the Cable and Satellite Providers. When SNLA speaks, TW Cable’s lips are moving…

    Cable and Satellite Providers: They would love to have the opportunity to send us the games, if only TWC would make it Ala Cart, wherein only those subscribers who want Dodger Baseball and are willing to pay TWC’s price would receive it, a relatively small number of their subscribers as it were. Basically this puts the transaction between TWC and those subscribers who are willing to pay the $4 or $5 per month that TWC would demand. Problem is, TWC wants to make all the subscribers, Dodger fans or not, pay $3 to $5 each month. More profitable for TWC but some subscribers would quit rather than see their monthly bill go up any more and the providers won’t accept that.

    Time Warner Cable: These are the guys to boo. They have been negotiating with the providers for months and simply ignore the fact that the providers won’t cave-in to them. At this point, with a third of the season gone, they are not going to cave-in. TWC made a major mistake in over-estimating their market and paying the ball club too much money. They need to wake up and realize it’s not going to get any better for them anytime soon. Sign a short term contract with the providers now and hope to make it up in years to come when it is time to renew the contracts. The longer this stalemate goes on, the lower the market demand will get. People will fall off the Dodger bandwagon, start following other teams. Especially if they continue playing like they have so far this year. Advertisers too will be less willing to buy time on the station. TWC, it’s time to wake up before it’s too late….

    • I pay about $180 / year for mlb extra innings to watch Dodgers in new hampshire and have no idea if I would get them if direct tv had the SNLA

      • I live near Las Vegas and have Dish. My monthly is just over $100 and I sometimes get blacked out for “home games.” I would gladly pay $5 more a month for it but I support Dish in not wanting everyone else to have to pay for my pleasure. TWC is wrong.