12 thoughts on “Josh’s post-game interview

  1. Unrelated to Josh, but in the last few days DM has said that ideally you’d have someone there a half-step to a step fasterin CF than Ethier.

    But really likes Ethier’s routes, says they’re “always direct” and that covers being a tad slow.

  2. Piece @ dodgers.com says the team has 24 no-nos over its total history.

    This is quick & dirty, but I counted 5 of those v. the Phillies–second only to guess who?

    WBB will like the answer–6 vs. his beloved Gnats.

  3. Like the rest of you, I found the game exhilarating and hope Beckett can maintain his consistency throughout the year. Still, let’s remember that last year one of the league’s worst pitchers threw a no-no: http://tinyurl.com/kzjg8tk

  4. Extreme SSS warning, but good field-no hit Arruebarrena hitting .300 after today. At least he has a good start.