Game 57, 2014

Pirates at Dodgers, 4:15PM PT, TV: Fox

Ryu vs. Cumpton. The Dodgers’ Korean lefty against the Pirates’ Georgia Tech righty. Ryu threw a 7-inning perfect game in his last outing, faltering in the eighth. In Cumpton’s last appearance on Memorial Day he gave up seven hits in six innings and allowed two runs.

Just to make the day worse, here are some unpleasant facts. When Puig came up in the bottom of the fifth with the bases loaded yesterday and popped up, it added to this frustration:

Los Angeles is hitting a Major League-worst .111 with the bases loaded, and the team has produced just 15 RBIs in 36 at-bats. The Major League average with the bags full is .240 this season, and Cleveland leads the league with a scorching .429 bases-loaded clip.

In a lineup filled with sluggers, that’s amazingly bad.

19 thoughts on “Game 57, 2014

  1. Old friend (sorta) Rubby De La Rosa, called up from AAA, went 7 shutout innings v Rays, striking out 8 last night and allowing just 4 hits as Boston won 7th straight. No word on radar gun readings.

  2. There is a lot of focus on the hitting here, which is natural as when the team is behind we lament when they don’t score. But we may be losing sight of the fact that they are behind to begin with. There are obviously issues of distribution of runs, but some of the numbers might surprise you, both in relation to the team this year and to that of last year. Last year our pre Puig/Hanley (April-June) RS/G was 3.63 and for Jul-Sept it increased to 4.38 or an increase of .75. Note that 4.38 is very close to what we are scoring now (4.33, 3rd in the NL). This same split for pitching (RS/G) goes from 4.2 to 2.99, so a 1.21 improvement! This year our pitching is at 4.05 (9th in the NL).

    • Almost no doubt the current RS/G falloff in pitching is due to the dicey pen. And do these RS/G numbers factor in errors, where the Dodgers may challenge for the most in the universe?

      • We are also 9th in earned runs, so at least in terms of ranking errors don’t seem to make much difference.

  3. Could today be last year’s June 22nd?
    The Return of HanRam would be a good indicator.

  4. Fox carries Dodger games here so rarely I didn’t even check to see about this one. Bad move.

    So, I missed the runfest. Who IS this team?

  5. Just had the pleasure on ‘look in live’ of watching Morse go down looking to end the game in St Louis. With the Rockies also losing, it may well be a good day for us

  6. Jon’s “waffle” post was mentioned in the last post. It was actually not until June 23 of last year, but here’s a link to it in case anyone wants to re-read their own deathless (because nothing dies on the Internet) prose.

    • I didn’t realize that was just when the 2013 Turnaround was gaining speed.

      Let’s hope we look back and say the same about May 31, 2014!