Game 51, 2014

Dodgers at Phillies, 10:35AM PT, TV: SPNLA

Two former teammates face each other in this bout: the Dodgers’ Josh Beckett and the Phillies’ A.J. Burnett. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” these guys were valuable members of the 2005 Marlins staff. That was then, and the Marlins either traded them away (Beckett) or lost them to free agency (Burnett). Nine years later, here they are. This year Beckett is 2-1 with a 2.89 ERA and Burnett is 3-3 with a 3.32 ERA. It should be noted that in his last three starts, Burnett has a 6.75 ERA and made it past the fifth inning just once.

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41 thoughts on “Game 51, 2014

  1. Well, well. Was only able to look in once in early innings when the lead was 2-0 and noticed no Philly hits. Easy to say now, but I kinda had a feeling–especially after Jon W did a piece earlier this week pointing out that despite Kershaw’s frequent no-no caliber stuff, he’s never really come close. If I can harness that “kinda” feeling, lookout, stock market. ;-])

    Figured someone else on the team would get one first. Glad it was Beckett. He’s done great this year but the calendar says he’s on the downside, so dunno how many more chances he’d have had.

    Quick thoughts:

    1) How’s THAT for saving an overworked bullpen?

    2) For those who actually see most games, how far off Kershaw’s curve is Beckett’s? Never heard much about until he credited AJ with making him a better pitcher this year by pointing out that neither righties or lefties could do much with it. He has used it a lot, to good effect.

    3) If the curve has been there all along, how unaware as a major league pitcher do you have to be not to realize guys just don’t hit it? What could Beckett have done before, using it more?

    4) How good are chances other Dodger pitchers converge on AJ’s locker, asking him to do the same type analysis on their pitches as for Beckett? Think they’ll listen to what he says?

    5) As alluded to earlier, had to miss the game. Did Beckett have any close cals, or was he in command all the way? Gameday account doesn’t indicate much if any trouble.

    6) How’s THAT for a #5 starter?

    • Not a single really tough play for anyone. His curve is the same 12-6 one Kershaw has, but Kershaw’s got better control of his, I think.

    • Arruebarrena made a couple nice plays and looked smooth, but ones that any starting shortstop should make.

    • I only heard it — I’m sure the video will be up somewhere.

      PLUS, our local postgame host cut in and I didn’t hear the interview with Josh . . . and it was too late to join MLB audio.

      But I’m still happy!

  2. I grew up listening to Vinnie’s call of Sandy’s perfect game . . . sounded like Mo was emulating that by giving the time.

  3. Nice hearing the Phils fans gave him a standing O as he went to the dugout.

  4. Competing with the no-hitter news are equally rare Dodger news:
    They scored 6 runs.
    They got clutch hits.
    They didn’t commit an error.

  5. That will put me in a good mood for work, now I really have to go to get ready 🙂

  6. On a day that’s special enough with 6 runs scored and clutch hitting . . . 2 more outs to make it even more special!

  7. I really need to get ready for work, well I might just hang around for a bit regardless

  8. Gameday’s SCOUT function tells us: “That was pitch number 45 for Josh Beckett; his effectiveness may start slipping, as he holds opposing hitters to a .153 average in the first 45 pitches but they hit .186 off him after that.”

    Er, Mr. SCOUT? .186 is not exactly tearing the cover off the ball.

    Who writes this stuff? An algorithm?

  9. I am not watching. Was Gordon attempting a squeeze bunt on that out at the plate?

      • I thought as much given that our skipper doesn’t seem to like the squeeze play. He also is not a big fan of the hit-and-run.

        • Don likes every bunt except the squeeze. He’s let the team run more this year, but hit-and-run is still rare.

  10. I am pleased to see Revere, my candidate for most annoying Filly, finally make an out.