Game 46, 2014

Dodgers at Mets, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The Dodgers send out Josh Beckett, who brings a 1-1 won-loss record with a 2.38 ERA to Citi Field this afternoon. He’ll face Rafael Montero, who lost his first big league start his last time out and is 0-1 with a 4.50 ERA. Montero is regarded as the second-best pitcher in the Mets organization.

Anybody hoping to get infield help from Stephen Drew, Fuhgeddaboutit. He just signed a one-year contract with the Red Sox.

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  1. from

    “Again…. remember I am just letting the photos tell the story, other than I saw Guerrero get punched surprisingly while walking the dugout, I am not to sure what instigated it…. ”

    “To put a cherry on top…… this was the annual Kids Day at Smith’s Ballpark!! The messages are anti drugs and anti BULLYING. ( Im kind of laughing right now.) ”

    “THERE IT IS.”

  2. It seems that many consider the Dodgers to have a weak bench at least for a team with such a high payroll. If Guerrero could play third sooner than 30 days from now, Uribe could be part of the bench when he returns.

    Ramirez’ best position could be first base or DH or perhaps left field. Three positions the Dodgers are deep in.

    Hello Seager, how would you like to get your feet wet in the Show for about a month?

  3. Uribe’s hammy may have made the Ryu roster decision for the team. DM walks a careful line in this from

    Asked before the game if contracts go into roster decisions, Mattingly said:
    “That’s an interesting question. Obviously, there is something to be
    said for that. It ends up being a discussion with the people above you
    and it usually ends up turning to depth and it being a long season and
    things like that.”

    In other words, Dodger management is too traditional and conservative to make a bold move like getting rid of what stats say is MLB’s worst starting pitcher. Maholm isn’t going to get magically better by being moved to the pen. Suppose they think risk is limited if he only faces a LHH or two in low risk situations. Hope that decision doesn’t come back to bite.

  4. If someone went only by traditional stats and didn’t follow the team very closely, they’d be major confused by the pitching ERA last night.

    Beckett 2.89
    Howell 2.20
    Withrow 2.95
    Wilson 8.79
    Jansen 4.12

      • Bad luck all around. What was Olivo thinking? On a brighter note, Giants lose.

        • What was Olivo thinking? He wasn’t. He was just feeling anger, and acted on it. Didn’t know Mike Tyson was his hero.

          He sure wasn’t thinking about his own best interest. Let’s see…you’re a journeyman catcher and you bite off part of the ear of a player signed for $28 million. Yep. Absolutely great way to get noticed in LA.

          If he weren’t a catcher, where options are very limited, I’d think he’d already be out of a job–no matter who said or did what in the scuffle.
          A utility IF or borderline pitcher? No chance he’d survive this. Saw where this isn’t the first time he’s boiled over. But this is by far the worst.

          • While knowing I don’t know much, I would tell Olivo to pack up and wait for a phone call.

          • Wouldn’t be the least bit surprising. I’d cut him. The inmates can’t run the asylum, especially if one does something like this.

            Might wait until I could shore up the C position if necessary, but no longer.

  5. Some misunderstanding with Dee at 3rd. I am guessing he thought there were two outs and that the throw was going to beat him and wanted to make sure that run had scored before he was tagged. Just guessing here.

    • As is yours re experience, John.
      However, performance should be the most important factor. After all, the RF doesn’t have much experience, does he?

  6. Guerrero has been getting some playing time at SS I hear. Wonder how he would do at 3rd.

  7. Okay, Matt. Two hits already, and your avg is up to .273. You’re getting back to where you once were. Keep it up.

    Oops. Didn’t realize Matt had been pulled and Ethier was in CF. Okay, SVS is pinch hitting for the pitcher.

      • With two hits already, and the game still in doubt. Makes perfect sense in Donnie World, evidently.

        However, DM may be thinking he’d rather take his chances with Drew in CF, given some of Matt’s adventures there this year. Could understand that, tho DM never would admit it even if so.

          • From hearing his commentary over the years, there’s no question he understands the game and game strategy. Could he deal with players and make the right decisions in the heat of the moment?

            Maybe we’ll find out one of these days. No question he’d jump at the chance to manage the Dodgers, IMO.

  8. So, if the score holds, who comes out for the 8th? Wilson, the bullpen formula setup man, or League, who’s been surprisingly effective lately even if he has been helped by a high number of double plays?

    Even if you are getting more than your share of DPs, at least it means you’re keeping the ball on the ground, for the most part.

    Not favoring one over the other, just wondering what DM does. I’d say he follows his formula, then Kenley pitches the 9th. Which Kenley should.

  9. Since the Dodgers are already in LA, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a series remake called “The 2014 Dodger Bullpen: Twilight Zone Revisited” on the air.

    Thing is, it probably would be a reality series, not fiction. Unfortunately.

  10. This bullpen is taking years off of my life. Or is it adding years? Either way, I feel older every time Donnie goes to the bullpen.

  11. Beckett’s numbers would be even better if he didn’t keep getting zapped by the long ball. Seems like a good bit of the time when he gives up a hit or run, that’s what it is. As the season goes on and things even out you’d think–at least you’d hope–he’ll give up fewer.

  12. All doubters need to get re-acquainted with Josh Beckett, major league pitcher.

    • If we can just get on a winning streak, we are going to be really scary when everyone clicks.

  13. After catching up on the box score, I think it’s time to raise the question again — is AJ automatically entitled to be catcher?

    If I remember right, he wasn’t hitting that well when he was hurt. Drew was doing better . . . is he that much of a defensive detriment to eliminate the automatic out AJ seems to be?

    • interesting question, do you take experience into consideration at all?

    • Link did ask us to get him some runs. He did specifically ask for 7 or 8, so 4 is not enough 🙂

    • I was actually hoping he didn’t try to overhit it, but just try to get a single or double because of the fear of a strikeout

  14. Crawford didn’t look half bad on the catch. He usually seems somewhat awkward to me.