Game 36, 2014

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Josh Beckett brings a 0-1, 3.14 ERA record to the mound for the Dodgers. He’ll face Ryan Vogelsong, who starts for the Giants with a 1-1, 4.60 ERA record.

28 thoughts on “Game 36, 2014

  1. Orel, on the postgame show: “They’ll never admit it, but the bullpen’s overworked. You don’t lose velocity first when you’re tired, you lose command.”

    He knows more than I do about pitching, but when your relievers start walking guys, then you gotta think they’re losing their command, which might mean they’re tired.

    The thing that amazes me on Twitter is the consistency of one fairly well-known Dodgers blogger (former reporter) who blames everything on Mattingly. No matter what, it’s Don’s fault.

  2. A game which proved both problems are real: anemic offense and the (fill in the frustrating adjective) bullpen.
    Of course, if the offense scores, the bullpen is a moot point.
    Sure hope they don’t sink too far before they start playing — by definition, last year’s historic stretch can’t be counted on.

  3. Besides the obvious reason, I hope Withrow shuts SF down so Beckett gets a no-decision. As well as he’s doing this year, he shouldn’t be penalized by the poor offense. (Of course, that’s what happened so often last year to Kersh.)

  4. Shoot. When the offense is struggling as much as the Dodgers, it’s crushing to scrape and claw to a run, then see it tied up one one swing.

    C’mon, Blue — it’s not over! Go home early: no bottom of the 9th!

  5. One I guess is better than none, but i was kinda hoping for more

  6. So far I see two candidates for the 2014 Uribear Redemption Award: Josh Beckett . . . and Dee Gordon.