Game 35, 2014

Dodgers at Nationals, 10:05AM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Dan Haren’s off to a great beginning with the Dodgers. He’s 4-0 with a 2.39 ERA in six starts. He’ll face Stephen Strasburg, who’s 2-2 with a 3.60 ERA so far this season.

Is Carl Crawford finally coming out of his season-long slump? He’s had two multi-hit games and has a four-game hitting streak going into today’s game.

14 thoughts on “Game 35, 2014

  1. We better get a winning streak going, or we are going to start falling behind

  2. I know Strasburg is good, but too often the Dodger offense isn’t — that combination doesn’t bode well for the Blue (tho they also were still in there vs. Fernandez . . . with the same result: a loss . . . and, lest we forget, the NLCS vs. the Cards, when the bats went AWOL).

    Which is the bigger problem for LA right now: unsteady bullpen or inconsistent, non-clutch offense?

    Let’s use the “quality” stat for starters and figure that a “quality” game for the offense means they score at least 4 runs (one more than a quality game for the pitcher). How often has LA done that this year? What’s their record when they do?

    I’m interested in knowing the results . . . but not enough for this to supplant the work I need to get done now! 🙂

      • That’s my gut reaction — and their inconsistency exacerbates failings by the bullpen because the runs are so hard to come by.

        • The Dodgers have scored 4 or more runes in 19 of the 34 games, which is exactly the number of wins. They have won 4 games when they scored less than 3.

          • So I guess we can say that pitching has blown 4 of the “quality hitting” games.

            I’m guessing there haven’t been that many “quality starts” if only because there haven’t been that many games when the starters have completed 6 innings . . . ?

          • My numbers above don’t include yesterday’s game. There had been 19 QS (so Haren would make it 20). On average our starters go 5.8 innings.

    • That is similar to an informal statistic I favor: If the pitchers hold the other team to 3 runs, then they did their job. If the offense scores 4 runs then they did theirs.

  3. For your amusement: Nats’ manager Matt Williams was rear-ended on his way to the game this morning. He was unhurt but was doing a radio interview at the time and did a play-by-play for the audience.

  4. Lincescum throws 53 pitches in first two innings along the Monongahela, trails 4-1.