Game Ten, 2014

Tigers at Dodgers. Anibal Sanchez makes his second start of the season; he gave up two runs over four innings in the first one and then the rains came and he was done. The Dodgers haven’t formally announced it to, but their starter is supposed to be Josh Beckett, who’ll make his first start of the season.

No lineups yet, either.

The game time is known, though! It’s 7:10 PST, 4:10 HST, 10:10 EST, and who knows when for John_from_Aus. Televised on SPNLA.

In news of disgruntled players and front office personnel, the Giants have ended contract talks with Pablo Sandoval. It’s reported he wants a five-year deal for more than the $8.25M he’s getting paid this season. So, is the Kung Fu Panda worth $45 or $50 million bucks? He’s currently hitting .161 with 1 HR and 4 RBI. He’s 27 and will hit free agency after the 2014 season. Uribear is under contract through 2015.

51 thoughts on “Game Ten, 2014

  1. Too bad. Tigers have a grrrrrreat line-up. Martinez, man. And Miggy’s not even hot yet! Still, Kenley needs to do better.

  2. C’mon, Uribear!
    Charlie, didn’t Juan have the walk-off vs. the Braves? Was that a walk-off?

  3. I’m not sure the time of game for me either, but it’s 11.10am on Thursday right now

  4. He should be able to easily command double digits per year on the market. Heck, he is not making all that much more now than Uribear. Would mind seeing him out of the division.

    • Until he gets that contact extension, he’ll have to continue to starve himself of arepas.