Game Six, 2014

Today is the home opener for the Dodgers, and it’s against their fellow migrants from New York, the San Francisco Giants, also known as “the hated enemy.”

First, we get the news that Matt Kemp will start in center field. Second, we learn that that was not the original plan, but that Mattingly changed the lineup to try to get the message across to Yasiel Puig that being late costs playing time.

It’s Ryu v. Vogelsong at 1:10PM PST on SPNLA or in Northern California on CSN-BA.

Due to a quirk in the schedule, this will be Ryu’s third start in five games, all on normal or better rest.

Paul Maholm and Zack Greinke will start Saturday and Sunday for the Dodgers, while rehabbing right-hander Josh Beckett will pitch in a Minor League game Friday.

Maholm was signed to be insurance if fifth starter Beckett wasn’t fully healed from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. Beckett’s recovery, however, was complicated by a bruised right hand suffered in the clubhouse in Spring Training. This will be Maholm’s first start of the season.

Beckett will pitch for Class A Advanced Rancho Cucamonga. Greinke, who pitched five innings for a win Tuesday, will be pitching on normal rest.


Update: According to SI, “Puig thought he was supposed to be at the park at 10 AM PT, when he was actually supposed to be there in time for a stretch at 9:40 AM.” Okay, that’s a lot less annoying than I thought it might be. I was expecting that he’d underestimated traffic and hadn’t left his home on time, which in my world is unacceptable (I’m ten minutes early for everything).

16 thoughts on “Game Six, 2014

  1. Saw a couple comments elsewhere blaming Ryu’s problems on overuse, blasting Dodger decision to start him. Ryu was quoted saying he was fine physically, just needed to pitch better.

    Oh, to get a few facts before commenting publicly. Looking dumb just doesn’t seem to matter much, or maybe not at all, these days.

    Those comments may have come from some of the same geniuses chanting “we want Puig” when Kemp muffed a ball. They REALLY want Puig in CF? Careful what you ask for.

  2. In 1965, Drysdale started 3 of the first 6. I believe there was a lot of rain on the East Coast that year, where the opened up..

      • Actually, the bullpen did a pretty good job, holding them to no more runs than the ones scored in the first two innings. If the Dodgers hadn’t popped up with guys on base (or hit a liner to third that got past Sandoval with runners on rather than him making a terrific play on it) it might have been a close game.

  3. Here’s the first inning disaster:

    Ángel Pagán struck out swinging
    Hunter Pence flied out to right center
    Pablo Sandoval walked
    Buster Posey doubled to left, Pablo Sandoval to third
    Michael Morse singled to shallow center, Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey scored, Michael Morse to second on center fielder Matt Kemp’s fielding error
    Brandon Belt singled to shallow right, Michael Morse scored
    Brandon Hicks doubled to shallow right, Brandon Belt to third
    Joaquín Árias intentionally walked
    Ryan Vogelsong singled to shallow left center, Brandon Belt and Brandon Hicks scored, Joaquín Árias to second
    Ángel Pagán singled to center, Joaquín Árias scored, Ryan Vogelsong to second
    Hunter Pence walked, Ryan Vogelsong to third, Ángel Pagán to second
    Pablo Sandoval lined out to right 6 runs, 6 hits, 1 error

    All the damage done with two outs!