Game Seven, 2014

Giants at Dodgers, 1:10pm, Bumgarner against Maholm. TV, Southern California: Sports Net LA, Fox Sports 1; Northern California: CSN-BA

Bumgarner’s first start was pretty bad, although he came out with no decision and a 0.00 ERA. He lasted four innings and gave up four runs, all unearned. This will be Maholm’s first appearance of the season.


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20 thoughts on “Game Seven, 2014

  1. Wondering when our Dodgers will decide to show up at the plate. On the mound. In the field. How long can we blame this on jet lag? Still, happy to have baseball season back, and my beloved team to complain about!

  2. Really a good idea to have a PVL 5th starter. He might even hold the opposing team to 5 earned runs in a bit over 4 innings.

    The Dodgers have several pitchers in the minors who can do that.

    • While I would never claim Maholm’s a great pitcher, he had only pitched 1/3 of an inning this season before tonight’s start. He was actually pretty good through four, and deserves better than to be dismissed at this point.

      • Yeah, just one start and tough circumstances. So he deserves some slack.

        But as you note, he’s mediocre. Fife, Magill, or Lee likely could turn in results like this if not better, and have a lot more upside. One of them should get a chance quickly if Maholm doesn’t pick it up.

        So, usual story, I guess. Bring in a vet on the downside and block younger pitchers. A young pitcher wouldn’t represent a lot of risk since he’d only be used in the 5 slot also.

        Ned seems to choose young players only if no vet is feasible, verse #431.

  3. High wire act by Maholm, and our offense still hasn’t decided to start the year yet.

  4. Mattingly thinks he’s Earl Weaver or Casey Stengel. Left-handed lineup, right-handed lineup. Bumgarner’s a lefty, therefore Crawford, Ethier and Gordon all sit.

    • Don’t forget the L R L lineup and putting a slow Gonzalez 4th instead of 5th where he belongs.