Game Five, 2014

Dodgers v. Padres at Petco Park, on SPNLA TV at 7:10PM PST. The Dodgers send out Dan Haren for his first start for his new team in 2014 while the Padres send out Tyson Ross, a 26-year-old in his second year with San Diego.


In other news, the Dodgers claimed infielder Carlos Triunfel off waivers from Seattle. They’ve optioned him to Albuquerque. You may well ask why they need another middle infielder and shortstop, what with Hanley Ramirez, Corey Seager, Alex Guerrero (being moved to second base) and Erisbel Arruebarrena already on board.

26 thoughts on “Game Five, 2014

  1. Might today’s lineup be:


    • Kemp in for Puig as Puig arrives late to ballpark. I still want to trade Puig for Fernandez.

  2. Knew little about Haren until last night. Gameday said he threw quite a few knuckle curves, which I think is kinda rare these days. Former Dodger Burt Hooton made a living with his, IIRC. Is Haren’s anywhere close to that, I wonder?

    Also wonder if Gameday knows a knuckle curve if and when it sees one? IIRC it had Billingsley throwing an actual knuckleball in one game a couple years back.

    So…anyone know if Haren actually does throw the pitch?

  3. Nice series victory, especially after losing that way on Sunday and having to think about it through the off-day. . . .If only there weren’t all those injuries!

    • Injuries are a fact of life, or so we’ve been told. But yeah, Kershaw and Wilson getting hurt in the first week seems like fate is dealing a bad hand.

      Look at the averages in the box score. Gordon is hitting .385 while Gonzalez is at .118, Ethier is all the way up to .211 after two hits tonight, Hanley’s at .105, and Puig is at .250. What happens when the middle of the lineup rounds into form?

    • Bob, can I assume you watched on Channel 96?
      Anyone have a SportsNetLA exapansion outside of TWC update?

      • Um, it’s going to add a third language besides English and Spanish. Korean will be added as of tomorrow’s game.

        I suspect that’s not the kind of expansion you’re hoping for, though. According to Fox Sports, as of yesterday nothing new had happened in negotiations with any of these other companies: DirecTV, Dish, FiOS, U-Verse, Charter and Cox.

  4. And, so it came to pass that on the Fifth Game….
    God made the bunt… and, Yasiel bunted…
    And, it was good… 🙂

  5. MLBTV is really stinking it up tonight. They’ve replayed AGon’s fifth-inning groundout about 50 times.

    • I also was popping in and out. “Saw” the great K to end the 4th . . . then nice to see the Blue got that run back right away.

  6. Somebody’s gotta go first, so I’ll mention that I saw Triunfel play in Seattle last September. He did nothing memorable, though.