Game 20, 2014

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

It’s the Fightin’ Phils’ Cliff Lee (2-2, 4.00 ERA) against the Dodgers’ Paul Maholm (0-1, 4.97 ERA).

If we’re to take MLB’s Preview as gospel, the Dodgers should just forfeit.

Of his four big-name outfielders, Carl Crawford’s .212 (7-for-33) lifetime mark against Lee is the best of the bunch. Yasiel Puig is 1-for-7 vs. the lefty; Andre Ethier is 0-for-11 with five strikeouts; Matt Kemp, who generally wears out lefties, is 1-for-18 with 11 whiffs.

How’s Scott Van Slyke? He’s 0-for-5 with three strikeouts against Lee.

Jeff Passan wrote a good editorial column exhorting MLB to take action to better control the way Cuban athletes are allowed into this country when defecting. He rightly calls the current system a form of human trafficking.

Dodger Insider has a fascinating little story about the Dodgers’ franchise official win total: Elias Sports Bureau has it at 9,997 including the twelve wins this year, while the official Dodgers’ records have it at 9,984 including those wins. The discrepancy is owed to wins achieved with the help of an ineligible player in 1899 (!).

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8 thoughts on “Game 20, 2014

  1. Funny….
    We’ve all seen enough baseball, to know a great pitching performance when you seen one…
    However, unlike other sports, such as basketball (where the team can lose, but the stars ala. Lebron seem to “still get theirs” in the loss,) I just have a problem with this lineup being so absolutely neutered by any one arm…..
    They’re billed as having an “American League-type” lineup…
    We have righties, We have lefties… and big names.
    Hard to accept…. but, hats off to Mr. Lee.

  2. In Denver, Vogelsche├če gone after 1.1 innings, 59 pitches, three dingers and a 5-0 Rox lead.