Game 18, 2014

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 5:10PM PST, TV: SPNLA

The D-Backs send rookie Mike Bolsinger, who’s got all of three innings of MLB experience, and that was last week in relief against the Mets. The Dodgers counter with Dan Haren, whose last outing was against the same D-Backs last Saturday. He went 5 2/3 innings and got the win, but he wasn’t happy with his performance.


18 thoughts on “Game 18, 2014

      • Sure is nice to get’em when they are down (they do play in Phoenix). By June 15 we will have played them 14 times already or almost 20% of our games.

  1. Have a Happy Easter, Everybody!
    PS – Linkmeister – Do you know of any significant Dodger happenings/accomplishments on Easter Sundays-Past?

  2. Well…. defensive shortcomings aside….
    Personally, I’m watching the rest of this game through this “Prism”……
    And, through that prism is the simple idea of….
    With all these big name hitters…how about making quick work of this 4 -0 deficit?
    it didn’t happen in SF….
    It didn’t happen last night….
    How about tonight, fellas???

  3. I’m flipping channels anyway, since Michelle Wie is leading the LPGA Lotte tournament out here on her home course on the final day.