World Series Game Three

The Series moves to St. Louis and Game Three between the Red Sox and the Cardinals begins at 1:30pm HST, 4:30pm PT, 7:30pm ET. I was hoping against hope for a day game at least during the weekend, but no. MLB doesn’t want to go up against college football on Saturday or the NFL on Sunday, I guess.

The Sox send out 32 year old Jake Peavy, who’s won an NL Cy Young award and two ERA titles but hasn’t been very successful in previous postseason appearances. The Cardinals counter with 25 year old Joe Kelly, who hasn’t thrown a pitch in live action since October 16 and is in only his second major league season.

Because the game is in a National League city there’s no designated hitter. That means Big Papi David Ortiz plays first base for the Red Sox and Mike Napoli sits down. That might or might not make a difference defensively, and it certainly will reduce the Bostons’ offensive potential.

19 thoughts on “World Series Game Three

  1. Usually I pick a team to root for. This series, I find myself wanting whichever team is losing to win, and vice versa. What’s that about?

    • “Ah, your nationality is American, comrade!”

      More than most other cultures I think we have an inherent bias toward the underdog.

      I just want a seven-game series, really.

  2. Two all-sports radio stations in this town and neither one of them is broadcasting this game. They’re each jabbering about college football.

    (Before anyone says anything, I was out and about in my car trying to hear it.)

  3. In principle, all World Series games should be day games, but weekend night games are a true disgrace.