World Series Game Four

Shake it off, Boston. If you want to win this Series you have to get over that ninth-inning calamity. Hey, if David Ross had been catching he might not have thrown the ball into left field in the first place, which would have ended the play right there.

The Red Sox and the Cardinals are back at it at 2:00pm HST, 5:00pm PT, 8:00pm ET on Fox.

Clay Buchholz apparently has a tired arm, but he gets the start for the Sox regardless. The Cards send Lance Lynn to the mound on 11 days rest.

  • RBI

    Curious to see how the Sox respond today.

    • Hopefully better than many of their fans. What a pack of whiners!

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  • WBBsAs

    Lou Reed on the Dodgers:

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    Clay B. looks a little nervous and shaky to me, but maybe that’s how he always looks.

  • dalegribel

    Maybe Kelly and Lynn are a lit bit more effective than we Dodger fans made them out to be.

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      Cards looking better all around than I gave them credit for!

  • Another good tight game, which is nice. I was terrified of another 4-game sweep.

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    I agree Link. Good game.

  • ASW1

    Was a good game, but what a brutal way to end it.

    • And a local kid from Hawai’i was the victim! Kid was great at the U of Hawai’i and very good at AAA this year.

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