NLDS Decision Day

It’s Pirates v. Cardinals to see who gets to play the Dodgers in the NLCS. The Pirates start rookie Gerrit Cole, who did a fine job in Game Two, and the Cardinals put up Adam Wainwright, the ace of their staff.

Because the two teams are both in the Central Division, they’ve played each other a lot. In fact:

“So through 23 games, the Bucs have 12 wins and the Cards have 11. On the scoreboard, including this NLDS, it’s St. Louis 102, Pittsburgh 99.

More important than all of that, it’s 2-2 with one more to play.

Game Time 8:00PM ET, 5:00PM PT, 2:00PM HST on TBS.

14 thoughts on “NLDS Decision Day

    • It might be for the best – I’d rather have Greinke and Kershaw start on the road and have Ryu and Nolasco start at home.

  1. I’m not worried about easier opponents, I’m just sick and tired of the Cardinals. The Pirates would be a breath of fresh air in the NLCS.

  2. I’m rooting for the Pirates for old time sake, but I’m far from sure that they would be an easier opponent for the Dodgers

  3. I too have a soft-spot for the post-B*nds Pirates, but I have my limits. I hope they beat the Cards tonight, and then lose four straight to the Dodgers.