• Tampa Bay has started off well, scoring three runs in the first three innings. 3 – 0 Rays.

  • WinnipegDave

    Go Rays – I guess. I’m still mad at the Rangers for not beating the Giants in 2010. Or beating the Cardinals in 2011 if you really must know.

  • The Rangers are verging on Buffalo Bills territory. Remember how they made it to four straight Super Bowls and lost all four in the early 1990s?

    • WinnipegDave

      And basically did worse in each succeeding year.

      • I later learned that Scott Norwood (wide right, 1991) was a graduate of my high school.

  • WinnipegDave

    Even though I don’t really care who wins this game, I still love and respect the history of baseball and the tradition to be found in playing an extra regular season game/series.

  • John_from_Aus

    I’m going for the Rays today

    • Of course you are. You coastal dwellers stick together. 😉

  • WinnipegDave

    Incredibly the Rangers have a postseason streak that the Dodger franchise have never achieved. The Rangers/Senators, if they win tonight, will have made the playoffs 4 years in a row. The Dodgers/Robins/Superbas/Bridegrooms/Grooms/Grays/Atlantics have never done better than making the postseason 2 years in a row. They have done it 7 different times.

    • Well, to be fair to those old Dodgers teams, there’s been a degree of postseason inflation over the years.

      • WinnipegDave

        Absolutely. However, I would not complain a bit if this year began a run of 4 or 5 straight playoff appearances by the Dodgers.

  • Replay might have been useful there.

  • WinnipegDave

    First bit of controversy – apparently the umps missed a play against the Rays, calling a ball caught that wasn’t.
    The second controversy – if this is still a regular season game, why should I have to pay extra to watch it on MLB.tv as if it was a postseason game?!

    • First: Oh yeah. Clear trap, ruled catch. TB would have gotten at least one more run.

      Second: Because Bud Selig said so?

  • WinnipegDave

    I realize that this is stating the obvious but I would love to have Price in the Dodgers rotation next year or the year after. That would be one heck of a strong starting pitching staff.

    • We thought at the beginning of this season that we had too many starters, what with Harang and Capuano and Lilly in addition to Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Billingsley and Beckett. We saw how that turned out. I’d be quite happy to have Price too. But we do expect Bills and Beckett back, I think, along with Capuano.

  • And Texas fans’ hearts are breaking.

  • ASW1

    Now we get to see Rodney and his skewed -brim-cap.
    Maybe he’ll even do his Katniss impression after the save?

    • Didn’t need him.

      • ASW1

        Yeah, I was wrong – I saw him warming up, thought Maddon was going to bring him in for the 9th.

  • I’ll be back here tomorrow with Cincinnati v. Pittsburgh from the Steel City at 5:00pm Pacific, 2:00pm HST.