Pitchers & Catchers Report

If there’s a more magical phrase than that to a baseball fan, it can only be “Game Seven.”

Anyway, the Dodgers’ Spring Training Camp in Arizona opens today for those two groups of players. The rest of the team arrives on Saturday. Here’s the official schedule.

Chad Moriyama has several wonderful pictures at his place, including ones of the Dodgers’ spring training caps (!). Gotta maximize revenue opportunities, I guess, but specific caps for training camp?

I’m preoccupied with a new dog, but I’ll start up the blog in earnest as the whole squad gets to Camelback Ranch, honest.

Bonus Training Coverage: The Vatican (!) just released video of John Paul II taking batting practice from 1987 while on an American tour. This took place in California.

Note: There’s some speculation as to whether that’s really Pope John Paul II, based on the English fluency of the hitter and the lack of interest the spectators are taking in his swings. Who knows? It’s a fun video.

Update: Jon found this article at Fox Sports about our new #2 guy Greinke. Apparently he’s a pretty decent judge of baseball talent; so says his previous manager with the Brewers, and Ned Colletti agrees. Greinke met with Stan Kasten, Colletti and Mattingly before signing and they talked baseball:

“The conversation went three hours and could easily have gone longer,” Colletti said. “We talked about our draft — he knew Seager. We asked him to go through our lineup, and he went through all of our hitters’ strengths and weaknesses.

“I looked at Donnie, he looked at me. Zack was dead on.”

That’s kind of fun to know.

  • KT

    I think Jon is wanting to get back in the game but isn’t quite sure :http://tinyurl.com/b5jbvxe

  • foul tip

    Chad M. has a detailed take on the ’13 Dodgers, from whence cometh this:

    “So make no mistake, the Dodgers recent spending habits did not make them
    an elite team, as the money simply duct-taped over both a flawed team
    and farm system depleted by Frank McCourt‘s ownership and Ned Colletti‘s questionable decisions.”


  • foul tip

    He also has a series of 4 (I think) on best and worst pitches in ’12 for both Dodger starters and relievers. Link to one below. IMO all parts worth reading.


  • dalegribel

    How come the excitement I’ve felt all winter is suddenly turning to nervousness? Still, I can’t wait.

    • “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Now the Dodgers have to serve up the meal they’ve been assembling all winter and hope it’s well received.

  • Bob_Hendley

    I’d have feed the Pope on lowballs and let the ump guess where his knees were.