Merry Christmas to all, particularly Dodgers fans

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and this year his name was Guggenheim Partners.

If you want to read the whole story behind Virginia’s letter to the New York Sun, I’ve posted it at my place in the past.

Update: Mark Saxon at ESPN LA has a good if brief timeline of the Dodgers’ 2012, from McCourt’s agreement to sell to the latest off-season move.

31 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all, particularly Dodgers fans

  1. Hey Guys….
    It’s taken me a while to find my way over….
    I hope all of you have had a great New Years…
    Dodger baseball is right around the corner….
    Gotta love it!

    • He has a nice beefy look about him, even in the suit. Well, actually in the suit he looks portly.

    • I would too, but it’s a good thing the Dodgers seem to have learned from their past mistakes with Fernando and other young pitchers and tried to control their innings at least a little. We should probably remember that when we see guys taken out in the sixth or seventh inning despite appearing to be strong enough to keep going.

      • Or we could train them like Nolan Ryan has his pitchers trained so they can pitch long games without damage

  2. Channel surfing came upon the last moments of “For the Love of the Game”, where Vinny does the play-by-play. Let’s play ball!

  3. Sorry, I don’t do Christmas… Anyone else think it might be worth a prospect or maybe even one of our surplus starting pitchers to retrieve Jerry Sands from the evil clutches of Piratedom? He is a right handed hitter who can play first base…