Happy Thanksgiving, Dodgers fans!

I hope you’re all enjoying your turkey/ham/prime rib dinner and giving appropriate thanks for the blessings of the year just past, not least of which was the sale of our favorite team to owners far more committed to winning championships than the previous group was.

Update: Here’s MSTI on the prospective TV deal Fox may be about to offer the Dodgers. Suffice to say (and you should read the whole thing) it could pay off the purchase price of the team several times over. Here’s Mike:

In six months, the Guggenheim group would have turned a $2.15 billion investment into a cash cow which pays three times that over the next twenty years – without selling a single ticket, parking spot, beer, or replica jersey.

That is startling, at least to me. We all knew the potential for that deal was big, given the size of the Southern California market and its value to a TV network, but still. “Between $6 billion and $7 billion over 25 years?” Wowsers.

Update: The Dodgers announced several front office personnel moves, mostly promotions from within. Here’s the paragraph that struck me, though:

Josh Bard, previously announced as a new special assistant for player development, joins Aaron Sele, Jose Vizcaino and Juan Castro in that role.

Do you supppose that position is now the entry-level front office position for newly-retired major leaguers who earned reputations as good guys during long careers?

72 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Dodgers fans!

  1. I’d like to express my thanks for all the folks here and their valued opinions. For Jon for starting something special and for Linkmeister for keeping it going.

  2. KC is said to be willing to trade Wil Myers, OF ranked #3 in MLB top 100 prospects, for a top tier pitcher. If the Dodgers sign Grienke and Ryu would they trade Billingsley and Harang or Capauno plus or minus whatever makes the deal happen for Wil Myers? That would create a crowded outfield. It would push Crawford, Phug, Pederson, and Ethier with one or two of them maybe traded.

    Kasten has said he wants to build the Dodgers from its farm system so adding Myers to it would be a move in that direction.

    Interesting rotation:
    Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, …..Capauno, Lilly, (4 lefties)

  3. If Ned’s determined to add another OF, he could do far worse than Michael Bourn.

    But Bourn’s unlikely to be a 4th OF, so some other move likely would have to be made.

    I’d think the talk about moving Ethier is due to his troubles v. LHP, but in this scenario he’d likely be the one. Not advocating that, but you never know…it’d also mean Kemp could go to RF (maybe under protest) and maybe prolong his career by crashing into a few less fences and stuff…

    Interesting that Bourn was on a LL team with Carl Crawford. Interesting also to wonder what the team will do if Crawford is not back up to speed or can’t get there. More interesting (and troubling) are the same questions applied to Kemp.


    • I hadn’t realized that Lilly ws so iffy for next season. if Lohse would command 4 years, 6 years of Grienke doesn’t seem so bad.

  4. Bourn has become surplus to the Braves with their signing of BJ Upton to a five-year deal. But Bourn’s another lefty, hitting from the same side as Crawford and Ethier. And there’s no chance any of those three guys want to be a 4th outfielder, and at the wages they command they shouldn’t be a 4th outfielder.


  5. If Brian Wilson, the relief pitcher, signs with the Dodgers, how many of us become Giant fans? I know that I won’t, even if someone may have once referred to Wilson as the most annoying individual in the world.

  6. Re Castro et al: Sitting on the bench watching others play over a long career gives them an advantage I guess.

  7. I am guessing the Dodgers believe Grienke rotation spot would start at a 2 for 2013 and maybe 2014 and begin to drop each of the next years of his contract to where he would be a 4 for the last two years of his contract.

    I say that because they seem to want to explore a trade for a better pitcher maybe with a shorter contract before they go all out to sign grienke.

  8. I am going to guess the Dodgers starting rotation in April will be kershaw, Billingsley, Ryu, Beckett, Capuano/Lilly unless they trade Harrang and or Capuano plus a another player for a pitcher that would be considered a 1.5. Or, they sign grienke for a maximum of 4 years.

    • And while I could live with that, are we sure Ryu is ML ready and Billz is going to be healthy enough? To me, there is definitely a concern that the rotation could be Kershaw, Beckett, Cappy, Lilly, and Harang as it was at the end of the year.

  9. Should the Dodgers sign Grienke and Ryu I would be entertained with a blockbuster trade that involved Hendley (SD), Upton (AZ), Pedroia (B), Ethier (LA), Harrang and Capauno (LA), Gordon (LA), Ellis (LA), Others.

    Reunite Pedroia and Ethier in AZ; Upton to Boston; Hendley to LA; Capauno, and Gordon plus a player from Boston to San Diego.

      • I guess if you don’t want us griping about your play we all might agree on Headly instead

    • It doesn’t sound like a very good trade for the Dodgers to me. Just what you listed is at least a 4 player reduction for the Dodgers for just one player, Headley. I wouldn’t trade Ethier for Headley straight up.

      • I might trade Dre for Headley straight up, but the Pads only seem to be interested in shedding Headley for salary reasons, so they are unlikey to take Ethier in such a deal.

        • Based on each player’s stats, no way Bob would I trade Dre for Headley. Also, Headley’s strike outs seem to be a bit high.

          • Which stats, besides K’s? I would trade that 0.5 PA/K higher for Headley getting a dinger every 22.5 PA’s versus Dre at every 30.9, and this with half his games at PETCO. Headley had what might have been a breakout season at 28 with a WAR above 6 (this is the guessing part). Dre had a WAR 3, is two years older and has never had a WAR much above 3 in his career. Not sure he is the right fit, just sayin’ that its not so clear that Dre is a better ball player, particulalry at his salary. Headley is also a switch hitter who produces from both sides of the plate.

          • If PETCO is a plus for Headley then A Gon should be totally unstoppable in Dodger Stadium. Not buyin the WAR stats totally as such things as Slug, OPS, and OBP also count. If will say that switch hitting is a plus.

        • The Dodgers want a right side bat for the corners. To give Gonzales a rest, Headley would move to first and Cruz would play third. Cruz could either play his way into the starting lineup or back up third and short.

          Trading Ethier might either put pressure to play Puig in right or perhaps trade Bills for KC’s Wil Myers.

      • I wound up only sugesting trading Ethier, Capauno, and Gordon for Headley. The other Dodgers were just mentioned.

    • Didn’t Upton just go to Atlanta the other day?…I think Atl would be pissed that AZ is trading away their players ^_^

        • wasn’t really paying attention to my MLB trade rumor e-mail…just saw Upton to Atl and no dodger moves so I deleted it…Isn’t BJ the better Upton?…Have payed much attention to either of them lately

          • Hey KT, sounds like Atlanta may also get the other Upton. Justin and BJ in the Atlanta outfield.

  10. Please, no more garbage from the Giants. Brian Wilson might have been good once upon a time but I don’t think the Dodgers should take a chance on him or any other Giant.

  11. Instead of trying to sing Grienke, might the Dodgers try to trade for David Price?

    Gordon,Lee, Reed, …

  12. Loney signs a one year deal with the Rays. $2M plus $1M incentives. I wish my pay were cut to $2M.

    • Me too. I love the story of him taking the Cy Young this year, but I don’t think he’d be my choice to start the first game of a playoff series. Price and Grienke (and of course Kershaw) would.

  13. Looks like the Mariners are interested in Gordon so lets put together a deal for King Felix. Maybe Lee, Gordon, Reed, and Harang or Chris Cap.

  14. Here is some gossip I didn’t like hearing about the war for Grienke:

    Greinke’s wife Emily, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, could influence her
    husband to get back to Texas, hears Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Now I’m reminiscing about all the Amber Sabathia-related rumors from four years ago. Sherman hears the Greinke deal will get done at these Meetings or shortly thereafter Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#Umj2YJKi1EzVgE8V.99
    Also Choate is now a cardinal so we need another lefty reliever

  15. Pagan hits paydirt with his big finish for the Giants. This time Sabean outbids Ned?

    • I hope you are joking that Colletti was even in the bidding. Pagan certainly wouldn’t accept the role as a 4th outfielder.

  16. Sabathia wanted to be a Dodger but the Dodgers were not going to be able to come within a third of what the Yankees were offering. Everybody wants pitching including the Yankees but could there be a trade that included Ethier for Sabathia?

  17. The Mariners want Hamilton but if they give him what it will take to get him will they have enough to sign Hernandez when he becomes a free agent after the 2013 season? Price is a free agent as well after 2013.

  18. USA Today is reporting that Greinke “has signed a six-year, $147 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to a person with direct knowledge of the negotiations.”

    Six years is a long time. How long was the Kevin Brown deal, five years? Nonetheless, I’m happy to have him as long as he’s healthy.