Once more, with no timely hitting

I managed to see the ESPN clips on SportsCenter. That ninth inning was a perfect example of the Dodgers’ last half of the season — out of synch. If Ethier had hit the fly ball that Kemp did the game would probably have been tied and it would have gone to extra innings, but no. Andre struck out, his third strikeout of the game.

Here’s ESPN’s Game Report.

The team is 4 1/2 games back of the Cardinals with 8 games to play. I don’t want to throw in the towel, but it would take a small miracle for them to get past the Brewers and the Cards to make it into the 2nd wild card spot from here. It’s hard to believe this team was 17 games over .500 on June 18 and it’s now only 4 over.

6 thoughts on “Once more, with no timely hitting

  1. I understand why you bunt the tying run over to third, but I still disagree with it. You’re giving up an out for a man who is already in scoring position. Mark Ellis is not the guy who’s going to hit a sacrifice fly; he’s more likely to get on base via a walk, and then be erased on an Ethier GIDP.

    And with expanded rosters, you had a lot better options than Nick Punto. Why play for the tie when you could bring in Rivera or Abreu to blow the game open at that point? Honestly, it feels like this team is looking for ways to lose.

    They’re not mathematically cooked yet, but I’m tired of watching them struggle to score runs. I’m really starting to dislike this team. I see no heart.