Once more unto the breach

Beckett v. de la Rosa (Jorge, not Rubby!) today, with the Dodgers starting their game two hours after the Cardinals and Nats go at it again. The Cards – Nationals game is the free MLB game, in case anyone cares more for baseball than football, and it starts at 11:15AM PDT. Ross Detwiler starts for the Nationals and Lance Lynn starts for the Redbirds. The Dodgers game is on Prime Ticket and begins at 1:10PM PDT.

Beckett’s been pretty good for the Dodgers since he arrived from Boston, but he’s been unlucky. He’s put up a 3.16 ERA but has only one win to show for it, with three losses. The Dodgers’ offense has scored only 13 runs in his six games with them.


Ellis, M, 2B
Victorino, S, LF
Kemp, M, CF
Gonzalez, A, 1B
Ramirez, H, SS
Cruz, L, 3B
Ethier, A, RF
Ellis, A, C
Beckett, J, P


Breaking news: the Cardinals have a 9 – 4 lead over the Nationals in the 5th inning.

22 thoughts on “Once more unto the breach

  1. Harang, Capuano, Kershaw, Blanton and Beckett were the starting and winning pitchers in the Dodgers’ last five games. Before that streak, no Dodger starting pitcher had won a game since Sept. 1.

  2. I have to say, I’m enjoying these final games, with maximum appreciation and minimum angst, for once. Seems so unlikely we’ll get to the play-offs, I’m staying in the moment!

  3. The prospects of an outfield of Crawford, Kemp, and Ethier . . . plus a full year of Cruz, Ramirez, Gonzalez, and ???? . . . and Kid K leading renewed Billz, Lilly, Beckett, and ???, with a potential lights-out bullpen . . . keeping to our literary theme, 2013 looks like a year of great expectations!

  4. I like your title, Link — I just used that quote in a skit I’m writing. When in doubt, turn to the Bard. 🙂 No matter what happens in these last games, let’s hope the “happy few” of this team become a “band of brothers” for next year’s campaign!

    • There’s always Tennyson for these circumstances:

      Cannon to right of them,

      Cannon to left of them,

      Cannon in front of them

      Volley’d and thunder’d;

      Or maybe Yeats:

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre

      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

      • But isn’t the first “The Charge of the Light Brigade”? That didn’t end too well for them!

        “Light brigade” is a good description of the the September Dodger bats — which, unfortunately, they seem to be using today.