Bad day for LA

Alas, no joy from the Dodgers today, as the Reds’ Mat Latos shut them down for eight innings and Aroldis Chapman did the same in the ninth. I suppose they could claim a moral victory since Chapman didn’t strike a Dodger out, but that seems small consolation.

By winning the Reds clinch the NL Central, and the Dodgers fall to three games behind the Cardinals in the second wild card race.

For good measure, the Oregon State Beavers defeated the UCLA Bruins 27-20. UCLA will in all likelihood fall out of the Top 25 rankings.

The next two games I’m interested in today both begin at 4:30 pm HST. 22nd-ranked Arizona (an alma mater of mine) plays 3rd-ranked Oregon in Eugene and Nevada travels to Hawai’i to resume an old rivalry in a new conference (the Mountain West).

15 thoughts on “Bad day for LA

  1. This morning I’m off to year 4 camp with my class for 2 days , so I will be ‘out of contact’. Hopefully I will be nicely surprised when I return 🙂

  2. As a lifelong Dodgers fan who went to both UCLA and Cal, Saturday was not a good day. Here’s hoping for the Dodgers going on a long winning streak, the Cardinals slipping a bit and the Brewers not going crazy.

    • Well, don’t feel alone about yesterday’s results. Arizona got shut out by Oregon 49 – 0 and UH was run over at home by Nevada 69 – 24, giving up six rushing TDs and one receiving TD to one guy, Stefphon Jefferson.

  3. If Melky can summon up enough personal integrity to decline the batting championship, the Gnats should summon up enough corporate integrity to decline any post-season play.

  4. Hey I posted a message and it disappeared into the time space continuum. Oh well. Basically it was kudos to you for this site. Oh there it is now.

    • Thanks, John. There’s some tweaking to do yet, but it’s getting there.

      Incidentally, I was just helping my mother get registered with Skype so she can talk to some Aussie friends.

  5. Great to see the “Rules of the Road” list – a beautiful homage to Jon’s Commenting Guidelines.

    Also – I was away in West Africa for most of July and August, but have been back for a month now. How the heck did I miss until today that Miguel Cabrera has a absolutely legitimate chance at winning the Triple Crown?! I don’t know if I want to see him to it or not. After Kemp was close last year, I was hoping he would be the first to get it done in either league since Yaz in 1967. Obviously it has been much longer since it has happened in the NL, but still. Shocking to me that it could happen this year and that it took me so long to clue into it.

    • I wouldn’t want to try to succeed Jon in any way without his rules to guide everybody.

      Cabrera kinda snuck up on people, even the ESPN crowd. It wasn’t till a couple of nights ago that I heard anyone on SportsCenter talking about it at all.

    • Hard to believe Cabrera has a shot at it but he does. I think a more interesting question is why has it taken it longer for an NL player to get this close. Is there something about the NL itself that makes it harder to win the triple crown? Last NL triple crown 1930?