So who is this Linkmeister guy?

Well. He was born into a Navy family at mid-century (the 20th, dammit!). He followed his parents around from one duty station to another, up and down each seaboard. He was fluent in Spanish as well as English when he was four, due to his kindergarten attendance in Puerto Rico. This skill has since been lost, regrettably; it would have been useful attending college in Arizona, some fifteen years later. He once knew what snow was, living in Connecticut and Northern Virginia in his early years, but has forgotten its texture entirely. In fact, he's lived on islands of varying sizes since he was 21 years old: (Japan while serving in the US Navy, Kwajalein while working for the US Dept. of Defense [during Mr. Rumsfeld's first term as Secretary; Rumsfeld left before the Linkmeister did], and Hawai'i for the past 24 years).

He attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia from 1964-1968; the University of Arizona from 1969-1971, and, after a seven-year break, Hawai'i Pacific University. Having completed his bachelor's degree 11 years after starting, he was offered (and accepted) a job managing all data processing activities at the Honolulu Club, a private health and social club. Thus he was afflicted with the dreaded "geek" bug, which has remained with him ever since.

The Linkmeister has never been married. He attributes this sorry state of affairs (or lack thereof) to his living out of the country during prime marriageable years (which may not be a satisfactory excuse, but it's the only one he's got). When he arrived in Hawai'i in 1978, he began renting a room in his parents' home, and somehow never left. He is currently a free-lance researcher when not acting as primary care-giver for his mother. He has a sister, a brother-in-law, and two nieces (teenagers, yikes!), as well as a much-loved pointer named Tigger.

He likes people, music, books, sports, the English language, and bad puns. He once thought of himself as a musician, in fact; he played guitar, accordion, and really bad piano. He votes regularly, thus allowing him to gripe about national and local politicians and policy with a clear conscience (and with great frequency).

He fell into bad company in late 2001 and was introduced to the world of blogging; having as much ego as the next guy/gal, he thought he could expound/opine as well as anyone else, and has done so ever since.